Pokemon GO Boss Gets His Twitter Account Hacked

Pokemon GO Boss Gets His Twitter Account Hacked

The people are not pleased. John Hanke, boss of Pokemon GO developers Niantic, had his Twitter account hacked earlier today.

It looks like the group Our Mine are responsible, using the hack to post messages about…the game not being out in Brazil yet.

It’s the same group responsible for other high profile 2016 hacks, including that of Twitter’s CEO himself. They also GOt into Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest and Twitter accounts.

At time of posting it’s been over four hours since they GOt in and their tweets are still live on Hanke’s timeline.


  • The freakout over this all is hilarious. The pokemon tracker is functionally identical to how it was before the update – broken. Or you could even call it more accurate. It doesn’t show every pokemon as ‘max distance away’.
    The steps coming back in the next update apparently anyway.

    • Before the patch you used to be able to at least select a pokemon, turn yourself around and then a green border would pulse in the bottom right corner around the highlighted pokemon if you were facing the right direction in relation to where the pokemon is. You cant do that anymore because you can’t select a pokemon.

      • When it pulsed, it meant the order of pokemon in the list had changed. Nothing else.

      • From someone who is way more into the game than most people. Apparently there are some group of Ingress players, Niantic employees and other ‘special’ people that are beta testing releases ahead of the general public and he was able to read some comment thread that they use.

          • I’m inclined to believe him but yeah, I can see why you’d be sceptical, especially hearing it 2nd hand from some dude on the internet.

    • If they actually stated that they were working on fixing the nearby feature and that removing the distance info as a temporary measure, I’m sure people would be a lot less pissed off.

      But instead the update just says they’ve removed the footprints with no information about what’s going on.

    • during the beta in April the steps/distance worked perfectly. Niantec are just monkeys

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