Rated E For Sexual Content

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a game about shooting schoolgirls with your love. It is not for everyone, and especially not for Everyone with a capital E, as shown on the back of the physical Vita release of the game.

Picture via Wario64.

Caught by Wario64 on Twitter (via Destructoid) and corroberated by other early recipients, while the front of the Vita version proudly displays the M rating assigned to it by the ESRB for "Sexual Themes", the back of the box tells another story. It's like a ratings mullet.

Twitter's Jamie Bravo has both sides of the story.

If I had to guess, and I do as North American Gal*Gun publisher PQube hasn't responded to my inquiry yet, I'd say this was somebody's joke that accidentally got sent to the printer. I'd also say the eSRB is not going to be happy with it, and that anyone who has gotten a copy with the botched rating should hold onto it, as those won't be around for long.


    Still less embarrassing than the ign watermark on the okami cover.

    that anyone who has gotten a copy with the botched rating should hold onto it, as those won’t be around for long.

    Kinda like the Australian retail version now that nobody is selling it.

      What happened to the AU version? Last I checked it was passed through the classification board fine (albeit with R18+ rating which is silly, but whatever).

        As I understand it, EBGames had exclusive distribution rights for the physical version and decided that the game did not match the image they wanted their store to portray and pulled it from the shelves. Basically what Target did with GTA minus the petition. It's still available digitally on PSN though.

    Given that technically the ESRB rating isn't a real rating (ie its not a Government body, its a self-officiating special interest group) who cares what its rated?

      The esrb would care if they can't police there self regulation. Might mean a government body or other interest group will have to as they can't.

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