The Australian Census Should Have Learnt From Video Games

Here’s a small tip to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. If multinational publishers and developers struggle to handle hundreds of thousands of people hitting their servers all at once, expecting things would be any different when the majority of Australia logs on probably wasn’t a great idea.

For those a little who too preoccupied with the launch of No Man’s Sky, today was the day Australians were supposed to fill out the national census. The quinquennial event is a mandated count of the population that most people, up until now, have filled out with pen and paper.

Except this year. This time around, the ABS predicted that the majority of Australians would fill out the census online.

That’s 6 million households. Around 16 million Australians.

Have a guess what happened.

At the time of writing, the official ABS Census Twitter account has this as its pinned Tweet:

Chris Libreri, head of the Census for the ABS, told that the department’s servers were load tested for 150 percent of normal capacity.

“We wouldn’t do it unless we were able to safely do it, we have evolved it and we are confident,” he added.

The ABS should have learnt from video games.

Thanks to Gizmodo

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