The Olympics Is A Good Excuse To Test Your Reactions

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I love reaction games. It might have been a Counter-Strike thing; the more you trained, the better your reactions, the sharper you'd be. That was the logic in my head. It's probably all bollocks, but nonetheless I spent hours staring at red circles, waiting for something to turn green.

But with the Olympics around, everyone now has a great excuse to waste even more time with reaction games. After all, you might be faster off the blocks than an Olympic athlete.

It's a little web game knocked up by the Financial Times and the concept is pretty simple. Your times are measured against the average reaction times of swimmers, track athletes and cyclists. There's no leaderboard or anything, but you do get a small idea of where you rank in the grand scheme of things:

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There are sound cues as well, but I stupidly left my headphones at home so I'm playing on Hard difficulty. The cycling is pretty easy to nail, though.

Give it a go and let us know in the comments how sharp your reactions are!


    0.25 for the cycling
    0.38 for the swimming
    0.20 for the running.

    I didn't have headphones so had to rely on the buttons themselves. With Audio i improved with the Cycling 0.22 got worse with swimming 0.64 and was worse with running 0.21.

    Although i have shocking hearing so my times would of been a lot worse i reckon.

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    0.01 in the cycling. average at the others. At least I can keep time.

    Your times are measured against the average reaction times of swimmers, track athletes and cyclists.I don't think that's how it works. The impression I got was that you are being compared to everyone who's played the game so far. Comparing your time to actual athletes would be unfair because there's a lot less effort in clicking than there is getting your entire body moving. (plus a bicycle for cycling)

      I agree i just looked at the reaction times in the mens 100m and they were all 0.05 faster than anything i did and i was apparently better than 97% in that category.

        At the Olympics, any reaction time faster than 0.1s in athletics is deemed a false start. They have pressure pads on the blocks to measure reaction times.

    0.06 at the cycling.
    0.21 for swimming.
    0.31 for athlethics.

    Sight is actually easier to do than hearing as you need to listen out rather than sight...

    I think I broke the cycling record. Look at the word, I dont even know what the heck does that mean !! Mononey (Money)???!!???

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