By The Way, SBS 2 Is Broadcasting Esports Tonight

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For those who don't have anything to do this evening and happen to be spending the night on the couch, here's something for you. Australian free-to-air television is going to be broadcasting esports for the first time, starting from 9:30 PM.

It's the local qualifiers for the International Esports Federation's World Championships, and while there's tournaments for Hearthstone and League of Legends the only game being broadcast tonight (according to the release) is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Jeremy let everyone know about the news earlier, but given that the broadcast is happening tonight I figured some of you might appreciate the reminder. It's also interesting in that the event doesn't exactly feature Australia's best CSGO teams right now, since they're currently in the United States playing in the ESL Pro League (that's Renegades and Winterfox, for reference).

That's great for the scene though: it gives two teams another opportunity to gain some experience abroad. Athletico recently finished fourth at a StarLadder i-League qualifier in China last month, while SYF Gaming have spent most of the last year largely finishing just behind teams like Renegades, the former Immunity, Chiefs, and so on.

If you'd rather watch via a tablet, phone or your computer instead of the TV, you can always hit up the Australian Esports League's official Twitch channel. It'll probably be more interesting to see how SBS 2 brings esports to a television broadcast though.


    Will it be in Spanish/German/Italian and contain strong sex scenes, strong nudity and adult themes?

    Or has SBS changed since I was a kid...

      No, it's still ridiculously good compared to its peers and irritatingly underwatched. (Total SBS groupie).

      It's all Scandinavian, these days (no more Inspector Rex, noooo)

    ...but given that the broadcast is happening tonight I figured some of you might appreciate the reminder.

    I appreciate the reminder :) Thx Alex.

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