Harambe Lives On, In NBA 2K16

Harambe Lives On, In NBA 2K16

Cincinnati doesn't have a team, so Cleveland it is.

Bleacher Report likes to simulate basketball hypotheticals using the NBA 2K series, and while most of them are real and actual things/rumours, others are more fanciful.

Like this, in which a dead gorilla/dead meme is used to try and match Golden State's new superteam.


    grrr enough with the Harambe crap already. Its bad enough an ape had to die because of a useless parents but to have him live a second life as a mass internet joke makes his death even more unpleasant.

      I agree, i am getting sick to death of all the Harambe crap.

      I find the bad parenting memes funny. Its the racist ones I don't like.

      Lighten up buttercup


      Good luck with that, the kids are all over it now. Hell I can't even play Overwatch without a thousand Harambe jokes every time someone sees Winston.

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