Here's A Dota 2 Trick If You Like Being Generous

You know how at the start of some games you can ban a hero? Here's a tip. Ban Venomancer. Because if you don't, things could get real annoying.

A trick has been discovered in the latest version of the game that allows Venomancer to effectively stack 5 of the neutral camps at the first level, if you're on the Radiant side of the map.

It's not mechanically easy, but skilled players should be able to pull it off. And it's also a super effective trick if you're in a team — the Venomancer can stack the neutral creeps for another hero (like Anti-Mage or Legion Commander).

You can use the same trick on the Dire side of the map, but you'll only be able to stack 3 of the neutral camps. It's useful if you're playing a dedicated support, although you do have to deal with the small downside of playing as Venomancer, and a support Venomancer at that.

Still, it's a handy tool if you're the generous type and want to help one of your carries get off to a great start.


    It’s useful if you’re playing a dedicated support, although you do have to deal with the small downside of playing as Venomancer, and a support Venomancer at that.

    Support venomancer is completely legit. He's actually probably one of the most versatile supports if you play him right...

    Zone in lane? Hell yes. If you max out poison touch first, you don't even need to trade with the enemy heroes - just attack them once, and let the poison go to work. The enemy will quickly run out of regen and be completely boned in lane. It's even worse once you get a couple of levels in plague wards, since you don't even need to be near them to put on the poison stacks.

    Teamfight? Hell yes. Running in and popping your ulti = teamfight won. Once you pop your ulti you're a low priority target, so you can probably even survive the fights (but you don't necessarily have to). His aoe slow is also great if you can catch a couple of retreating heroes, and even the slow from poison touch is good in fights if you can get it on a few enemy heroes.

    Jungle? Yes. Wards make it easy to stack, and you can farm camps with wards (creeps won't attack the wards if you're nearby, so just make sure you always have aggro and let the wards go to town on those delicious stacks). It's also possible to rosh like this, but it's more of a clown strat since it takes so damn long for your wards to wear him down.

    Vision? Yes. You pop a couple of plague wards down just off your lane, and you get free vision of any incoming enemy movement.

    Push? Yes. Plague wards are great at pushing towers.

    He works best as a position 4, since he gets hugely more effective with couple of items (seriously... a veno with a veil and aghs can destroy an entire enemy team, even moreso if he has something to get into the middle of the enemy team to pop his ulti like a shadowblade, glimmer, blink or force staff), but I've won plenty of games as a position 5 support veno.... you just need to be conscious of your positioning since he has no escape and is basically a sitting duck if he gets isolated.

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