Hollywood Is Making A Monster Hunter Movie

At the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom producer Ryozo Tsujimoto announced on stage that Hollywood is making a live-action Monster Hunter movie.

Details are currently scant and loads of projects never ultimately get filmed, but according to Tsujimoto, the Monster Hunter movie is progressing through development.

Monster Hunter exhibitions have been shown at Universal Studios Japan, and the games do seem like they could work as a feature film.

No idea as to when we can expect this, but I do know that if the movie ever gets made, we can look forward to loads of big swords and even bigger monsters.


    NOOO! They will ruin it!

      Ruin what? Even the newer games have barely any storyline. It basically goes, "This monster is causing havoc in this small village, wait, now that you have defeated this monster, we now realize that it the issues were being caused by this other monster disrupting the first monster.

      At least the Tri and 3U integrated the upgrade system into the story (earthquake caused by giant monster has damaged our farm, please give us stuff to fix it).

    I'm sure it will be an awesome film....

    ...for the bargin bin

    That money would be better spent on a wii u port of generations.

    Dammit I want my home versions back!

    Eh, it'll probably stay in development hell with everything else.

    I expect an excessive amount of waving for no reason.

      Also prancing. That's been my favourite emote since Tri.

        Nothing better than getting a lobby full of strangers prancing together.

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