Bad News For The PS Vita: No Monster Hunter 4 Anytime Soon

Bad News For The PS Vita: No Monster Hunter 4 Anytime Soon

Remember how popular Monster Hunter was on the PSP in Japan? And how it became a system seller for the Sony hardware? And how the PSP was pretty much the machine Japanese people used to play Monster Hunter? Remember that?

This time around things are different. Monster Hunter 4 is coming to the 3DS, and not Sony’s gaming handheld, the PS Vita. But surely Capcom, a company that loves multiplatform games, is bringing MH4 to the PS Vita, right? Eh…

Mantan Web asked Monster Hunter series producer and Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto if Monster Hunter 4 would be coming to the PS Vita. “Now, no. We’re only thinking about getting the game in lots of 3DS owners’ hands and having it become a hit.”

Sorry PS Vita owners! They’re not thinking about a port at the moment. That doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually come to the PS Vita. It might! Who knows? Haruhiro Tsujimoto, that’s who.

カプコン辻本春弘社長 : 「モンハン4」過去最高目指す [Mantan Web]


  • being a monster hunter fan that owns a vita… :'(

    Then again, tehre are plenty of monster hunter clones to tide me over i guess… But nothings ever as great

  • Wasn’t this confirmed ages ago that they won’t be bringing this to the Vita. Even though I would prefer this on the Vita due to higher resolution and dual thumb sticks. I own both handhelds, so I don’t mind.

  • So many great titles have come to PS Vita recently; it’s a shame to hear there aren’t any plans for MH4 to join the party (yet). Still have my fingers crossed that the Vita shows its strength in the coming months and sways Capcom’s minds.

    • The main problem is that in japan the vita is just hot the happening thing.
      they still have the good old psp over there constantly getting new games and the vita just can’t seem to get off the ground.

  • Capcom have been jerks to the Vita. They’ve said some downright insulting things about it, and the people who play it.

    Also, Capcom have butchered most of their best franchises, and absolutely hate IP’s, so I’ve lost total faith in them. With their track record, they’ll probably manage to ruin Monster Hunter next.

  • In related news, the 3DS is the best handheld in town. It’s not the greatest aesthetically or ergonomically, but that games library! Plus the eShop has a ridiculously vast resource of classics to tap into, I’m so happy with my choice. Plus when this October comes I’ve got exams, but I’m afraid that Pokémon takes precedence over that. Stupid Nintendo, and their insane IP. Now if only I got an XL…

    • I guess it’s down to personal taste, for me there is just nothing new that Nintendo are doing to interest me. How many times do I need to play the same damn Mario game? My kids both have a 3DS and they don’t even play them.

      The Vita on the other hand gets used daily.

      Heading towards 40, maybe I have just outgrown Nintendo.

  • I would give my legs to make the Monster Hunter franchise return to Sony consoles. I mean… just imagine Monster Hunter built from the ground up for PS4… UGH. Damn you for being so popular in Japan, Nintendo!

  • I guess its easier to make a game on a weaker system, don’t have to worry about all those extra polys. What hacks.

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