Kotaku's Static Podcast: We Found Out Why The Forza Horizon 3 Map Is So Weird

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Videogames are too hard, what's the deal with USB-C, is it legal to be fired for having tattoos, plus we answer your question: should I buy the iPhone 7?

Plus we interview Ben Penrose, Art Director of Forza Horizon 3 about the challenges of setting the game in Australia.

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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Kotaku Australia's Hayley Williams, Lifehacker Australia's Chris Jager and Gizmodo Australia's Campbell Simpson.

As always, a big thanks to The X Studio.

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    Unnecessarily and sometimes unfairly hard? Gotta be Battletoads of course :P

    I'd forgotten how much of a pain the end of Metroid Prime was. Not all *that* hard, but annoyingly difficult just trying to get through that whole chain of events, yeah.

    I found the same thing with Alien Isolation, in that death reduced fear because you were then familiar with what was in the area. Sometimes I'd just suicide run through an area to scope out what was ahead, then go back and do it again. Though there was still the tension of trying to go through without being caught, it did still take away that fear of the unknown. Fantastic game, still need to go back and check out the DLC stuff.

    USB micro cables break all the time? I mean I've always been paranoid of them breaking because of how thin the connector is, but don't think I've ever actually seen one broken.

    My sister gad an Xperia Go which was waterproof, it seemed pretty good. It was also a nice small size that was actually comfortable to handle too. And totally saved us in a massive storm at my Nanna's place where were stuck trying to deal with flooding outside. Shame the power button died.

    Not sure that defence force/tattoo thing is true- literally everyone I know in the army has at least one tatt, some a lot more (and all visible).

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