One Of The Greatest Golfing Icons, Arnold Palmer, Passes Away Aged 87

Image: USGA/John Mummert

The legendary golfer and course designer Arnold Palmer has passed away on Sunday aged 87.

Palmer is being honoured not only as one of the greatest icons of golf from the 1960's onward, but also a great sporting ambassador. Palmer leaves behind a legacy of 62 PGA tournament victories, a four-time champion of the Masters and a two-time winner at the British Open.

His greatest legacy, however, will be in his efforts to grow the sport. Palmer was a prolific course designer, creating more than 300 courses in his lifetime. Some of those included the first course in China, as well as The Pines in Queensland's Gold Coast.

Dignitaries from the sport, including current and former professionals, have been paying their respects since the news broke. Tiger Woods paid his respects on Twitter earlier today:

Arnold Palmer also had a small legacy in the world of video games, first gracing the cover of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf! game in 1989/1990.

Image: Youtube

Palmer later approved his image, signature and likeness for use in the Links LS series, still considered one of the best recreations of golf in a video game today. The Arnold Palmer Course Designer was added into Links 2001, and hundreds of his courses have been recreated in virtual form throughout the years. The course designer software is still available for download today.

Image: Game-Over

Palmer is survived by his wife, Kit Gawthrop, his two daughters and grandson, the latter of which is currently playing on the PGA Tour.


    Not being contrarian but his contribution to gaming was in no way small imho. just mention his name to a gamer who didnt play golf games and you found they held his games in a state of reverence. Personally I loved them and you can see his game mechanic influence in all golfing games right down to Hotshots golf. RiP to the King of the Swing.

    Last edited 26/09/16 11:06 pm

      I didn't want to be disrespectful by overstating it, though.

      Thanks for that comment. It's the last thing I'll read before hitting the sack; nice note to finish the day on.

      Well said. Second most influential person in computer golf, only behind Lee Carvallo...

      I kid, I kid. Palmer and Leaderboard were the two main reasons computer golf became what it is, and Arnold Palmer's influence cant be overstated.

        lol I was actually going to drop in a joke about Carvallo. In terms of pop culture its kind of funny how Carvallo and disappointment go hand in hand lol

    A true legend. Farewell Arnold Palmer.....

    When it comes to Golf games from wayback, I have only 2 words....
    Zany. Golf.

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