Simulation Becomes Reality In The First Live-Action Ghost In The Shell Teasers

Simulation Becomes Reality In The First Live-Action Ghost In The Shell Teasers

Video: During the US broadcast of the Mr Robot season finale, viewers got their first peek at the upcoming live-action Ghost in the Shell movie with five new teaser trailers.

As you might expect, the trailers don’t tell a whole lot about the movie, other than it will definitely feature stylish sets, Takeshi Kitano firing a gun and Scarlett Johansson, who may or may not be Asian.


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  • Hmmm. I’m a lot less sceptical seeing it in action. I hope that the soundtrack/score is good, that will really sell it for me (that and hopefully no dumbing-down of the thematic concepts.)

  • Looks like some artsy fartsy art house cinema. Looks good. And the least we know and not bombarded with over the top trailer overload where the whole movie is summarized in extra exclusive 5 minute long previews…. the better.

  • Could look a lot worse. Still not convinced by the casting but we’ll see i guess. Soundtrack may make or break it.

    • I’ve got the feeling that even if Kenji Kawai were to come back, that wouldn’t be enough. Would likely grab the soundtrack though.

      • As long as it’s not the pedestrian nothingness that is the GitS Arise soundtrack, I don’t care if they channel Kawai or Kanno. 🙂

    • I’m with you on the casting, well, as far as it concerns Johannson. I won’t be watching the film because of that, but still got the anime 🙂

  • I knew this was happening, but I’m much more intrigued by seeing it in action. I don’t know much about the director (Rupert Sanders) so I remain skeptical.

  • Not much to go on, but no obvious warning bells.

    With regards to The Major’s race, my money’s on them starting the film with the Japanese body getting destroyed and her cyber-brain being popped into a fresh new Scarlet Johansen body as an introduction to some of the transhuman concepts for the lay folks.

    • Nah, my bet is that they’ve Roonified the role and they’ll stick it out with gormless front, refusing to even acknowledge the issue. They wanted star pulling power, Johannson was willing to put in the buck teeth, and there you go.

      • refusing to even acknowledge the issue

        What issue? There is absolutely no issue here. You’re saying that a character without an actual race being portrayed by a white person is the same as yellow face.

        • You trying to tell me that Major Motoko Kusanagi isn’t a Japanese character? If you are referring to her cyborg chassis then: Motoko Kusanagi’s body was chosen by Shirow to be a mass production model so she would not be conspicuous. Her electrical and mechanical system within is special and features parts unavailable on the civilian market. Shirow intentionally chose this appearance so Motoko would not be harvested for those parts.

          She was (presumably) a Japanese child living in Japan when she had her accident and continued to live in Japan after having herself implanted in the chassis. Having a non-Japanese looking chassis would have drawn attention to her.

          But hey, let’s just give Johansson black, Japanese-style hair and make her up to look like the anime. Close enough, right? (After all, a ‘real’ Asian leading lady would not pull in the dollars).

  • Are the weeaboos STILL upset about the casting? Children, the entire POINT of GITS is about the nature of identity beyond artificial constructs of genetics and culture, with a specific sideline examining the toxicity of Japanese jingoism and nationalism.

    Put down your body pillows and get with the program.

    • I would have said it was about the Japanese way of trying to bury the humiliation of defeat in WW2 by pushing the boundaries economically and technologically, to a point where the world that has been built upon those pillars becomes hollow – ‘the shell’ if you will. The ‘ghost’ could represent the national consciousness. I don’t think I’m necessarily disagreeing with your interpretation, although the nuances may differ.

      And I’m personally upset about the casting because I thought it was gutless of the studio to chuck in a ‘pulling power’ star rather than take a chance on an up-and-comer who would have better suited the role. I also fail to see how Johansson is a ‘natural fit’ for the role. Sure, she’s a skilled actress, but that’s not the only qualifying characteristic that should be used.

      I also don’t have any body pillows… yet 😉

    • Agreed. There is even evidence in SAC that Motoko has a choice of her own ‘chassis’, whether it be male or female, ostensibly she is not bound by ethnicity either. I’m using pronouns for appearances only, but because she was fully cyberized from birth, she has no notion of age, sex and ethnicity. Leaving her with the freedom to choose her own shell.

      Knowing this I don’t have any issue with the casting. Although casting a Japanese actor would have been nice, it would only represent the nation where the story originated, not the character or premise of GITS.

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