Snorlax’s New Move Is The Best Thing Ever

Snorlax’s New Move Is The Best Thing Ever

Ahh, Snorlax. You fat, cute, lovabale–wait. Why are you jumping up into the air? Why are you on fire??

As you’d expect, there was a ton of new information about Pokemon Sun and Moon during the 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct early this morning. And part of that news was about Z-moves, a new regional type for Rattata, and more.

There was also news about “an early purchase bonus”. And while it’s bad form to get excited about pre-order bonuses because you totally shouldn’t do that, Nintendo kind of gave everyone a good reason.

The bonus: Munchlax, which can evolve into Snorlax. Which means you can eventually have a Snorlax with a move called “Pulverizing Pancake”.

No, seriously.

Snorlax’s New Move

That’s some Neon Genesis-level drop right there. No wonder the pancake got pulverised.


  • Sorry @alexwalker by showing that to me you just made go and pre order Pokemon Sun Collectors Edition!

  • i dont understand the connection between pre-order and the z-move for snorlax.. is it a specific munchlax that has the move or is snorlax unobtainable in sun/moon? can you not trade up from older games to get the pokemon that sun and moon are no doubt missing?

    nice gif.. but so many questions are raised..

    • It knows the moves Happy Hour and Hold Back and it’s the item it holds (Snorlium-Z) that lets it use Pulverising Pancake. That’s what makes it unique, you can probably find snorlax or munchlax in the wild but it won’t have the moves or the stone.

  • Hey quit spreading misinformation! It’s not a pre-order bonus, it’s an early purchase distribution event similar to the Torchic they gave out when X and Y came out.

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