You Can Listen To The Full DOOM Soundtrack Now

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One of the best parts of the DOOM reboot this year was just how hard Mick Gordon nailed the soundtrack. And guess what? You can listen to all of it now, for free.

The soundtrack became available for purchase on iTunes ($17) or Google Play ($14) today. If you really get into the album, I'd recommend showing your appreciation that way.

Alternatively, you can listen to the album through Spotify. It's embedded in full below, although if you want to listen to it through your own device then use this link. (Note: that link will prompt your browser to launch Spotify if it's not already open.)

Nothing like a solid two hours-plus of headbanging to get you through the rest of the day.


    If you love the Doom soundtrack you should give the Killer Instinct Season 1 and 2 soundtracks a listen, Mick does an amazing job on those.

      I had no interest in Killer Instinct until this moment

      Yes! I remember listening to the KI1 soundtrack on my walkman back in the day. I had no idea it was the same guy. He's very good at making not just great music, but music that suits the game it belongs to.

        as kartanym said below, i meant the KI reboot on Xbox One, however a lot of the songs are remixes of characters themes from the previous games, so id still reccomend a listen!

      FYI, Mick created the soundtrack for the recent Killer Instinct on Xbox One, NOT the originals. And it's ... wait for it ... Killer!

    See, to me the soundtrack was great... as a Quake soundtrack. It's very distorted NIN style stuff. I mean sure, music has changed since the mid 90s, but if you're going to reboot Doom, you should have a soundtrack that nails Doom, not Quake. My memory of Doom was much more guitar riff-based and more 'classic' metal styled. Ironically I think the last game out of id that had a music style I'd associate with Doom was Quake II.

    Don't get me wrong, the reboot has a great soundtrack, I just disagree that it nailed it. It likely nailed what they wanted to go for, but didn't really work in the game for me.

      Two problems there:
      1. Quake II soundtrack didn't lift enough contemporary metal riffs to be Doom.
      2. Quake II soundtrack is indefatigable.

        You're right on both cases, but it's closer to Doom than this Doom soundtrack was.

    If this soundtrack is a delicious, warm, chunky soup, then the djent elements are the stranger's tooth you encounter towards the beginning of the meal.

    The most rock-inspired soundtrack I've heard since Metal Gear Rising.

    Thid soundtrack is seriously my kinda jam. Had the main menu track as my ringtone for 3 monthd now and a remix of it for my alarm. Certainly wakes you up! Once my mates found out Gordon is aussie they have been begging him to collaborate. No luck yet sadly.

    If NIN and Fear Factory merged, you'd get DOOM. Love it!

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