A Solitary Box Of Shame For Smokers 

Smoking breaks seem like a good time, no? Well, that is, if you smoke. It's a moment to step away from work, chat with others, and relax. This new Japanese smoking box looks like no fun at all. 

[Image via Ryonetsu]

In Japan, there are in-door smoking compartments with filters, but at most offices, when people want to take a smoking break, they still must go outside. As reported on Yahoo News Japan, a company called Ryonetsu has a solution: a smoking box for one.

Apparently it can be assembled with only a screw driver, plugs right into the wall, and is outfitted with a filter that ensures that no one outside the box can smell the smoke. 

[Image via Yahoo News Japan]

Priced at 216,000 yen (US$2,079), the contraption can be set up in offices, but also in restaurants for staffers to take smoking breaks in the box instead of going outside, where patrons can see them. 

According to MBS News, this might even lead to fewer smoking breaks. Because, really, look.

[Image via Ryonetsu]

Oh, the shame!


    Only in Japan lol

    It kinda reminds me of the smoke room from cowboy bebop for when their in space or the bubble from Planetes

    Great for restaurant staff except they would absolutely reek of smoke when they got out. Filter or not, their clothes will be absorbing that smoke.

    That is still gonna stink the office out. But you could place a desk against it and force the smoker to give their lighter up and leave them in there all day so I can see some benefit to it.

    This is both a good and bad idea. Sociability is one of the cornerstones of drug use and in regards to tobacco that has a very, very, very long history.

    Fuck that. Smoking is bad for you but treating people like lesser human being for doing so is absolute shit.

      Well these people are willingly choosing to either do it in the box or outside. This is their only option if they want to do it inside.

      People have a right to smoke, But everyone else also has a right to not have to inhale the cancerous chemicals a smoke exhales.

    All I see is a potential hotbox.............

      will my vape/bong/largespliff fit in this?

        seems like a question only science can answer. Grab your stuff bluxy looks like we're getting office jobs in Tokyo...........

        Last edited 15/10/16 4:42 pm

    All thats missing is a speaking playing SHAME, SHAME SHAME. over and over... :)

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