Dragon Ball Super Gets Another New Form 

Dragon Ball Super is getting super good and super bonkers. Case in point? The most recent episode. [Image via Crank In]

Note: This article contains spoilers.

The latest episode did reveal that Black Goku is really Zamasu, while the other Zamasu is from a different timeline.

While this episode has a fight that is totally insane, for Trunks fans, what makes this one really stand out is when Future Trunks gets SO PISSED and morphs into a brand new form.

Blue, white and gold limit emit from this Future Trunks form, and his eyes go white.

There are all sorts of theories and speculation as to what this Super Trunks form is.

Whatever it is, the appropriate reaction, of course, is this:

Right now is a very, very good time to be a Dragon Ball fan.

For more, check out the show's official Japanese site.


    Awwww man the original creator was right when he said that the show should have stopped after the Frieza, I wander how much it cost to get him on board for this abomination.

      That wasn't the creator, it was an editor who said that. The creator wasn't just paid to come back for Super anyway, he was already writing some spin-offs/tie-ins for a while before finally deciding to make the Battle of Gods movie, which led to the Frieza movie, which led to DBS.

      I think Akira wanted it to end after the Majin Buu series because kid Buu was supposed to become the next protector.

    The brolly vibe is real.....

    Cant wait for next episode when he gets beaten because Goku has to win everything and make everything any other character does seem irrelevant. Damn it Im still salty about the ending of "F".

    Last edited 11/10/16 11:10 pm

      I cant wait to see what colour Goku transforms into to beat Goku Black.

    Pretty low standards to have to consider this "super" good. It is merely "passable", and this is after 60 episodes in. That says something about the pacing and story. Is there really no other way to make fights interesting other than powering up for no reason?

    The only good thing about this episode is Goku finally lost despite powering up. This will probably be reversed when he again saves the day somehow.

    im enjoying Super, i know it has its fault, but it has me gripped form week to week.
    i do want to see Vegeta save the day for once and i do wish Akira would suppress his boner for Goku.
    also, what the fuck did he do to Gohan, get that bitch on the blue train.

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