Snooker Champion Is Not VR Champion, Falls Over

Ronnie O'Sullivan is one of the greatest snooker players to ever pick up a cue. In the real world, he would kick your arse. In a virtual game of snooker, though, the dude has some problems. Mostly with the floor. This clip is from a trailer for a new History Channel show starring the Englishman, and shows the dangers of relying too much on what you see in your VR goggles.

That table wasn't there, Ronnie.


    I love that game, but as i have come very close to doing the same thing, i tell all of my mates the first time they try it on my Vive.... DONT LEAN ON THE TABLE.

    After starting they all say the exact same thing... "Man you really just want to lean on the table"

    Hurry up Sony/Oculus/Samsung/Valve and release snooker table leaning-on controller.

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