Some Perfect Witcher 3 Cosplay

Here's Lyumos as The Witcher 3's Keira Metz, with one of the most elaborate cosplays from the game I've seen yet. And I've seen a lot. I mean, the shot above lets you see how much work had to go into it, but some of the detail shots below show you just how much work. This is a very cool/ridiculous outfit in the game, with all those weird folds and belts and wraps going on, but she's brought the whole thing to life just perfectly.

Photos by Kira.



    I know there has been a TV show of the Witcher (which apparently didn't work very well) but it does make me curious if they would make a movie.

      The books are excellent. The last novel hasn't been translated into English yet, but the two short story collections and four of the novels are available. The order to read them can be a bit confusing, but a quick google search will sort that out for you. Also, the games take place after the books, so no need to worry about spoilers (although the games have spoilers for the books!).

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