A Very Pokemon Plushie Halloween

It's Halloween, the festive holiday when Pokemon toys dress up in costumes and sit on my desk until at least Christmas. The Pokemon Center's line of masquerading circus pocket monsters is adorable this year.

While I could not catch them all this year, The Pokemon Company International sent along a trio of trick or treaters that included the star of this year's lineup, the adorable Pokemon Halloween Circus Eevee ($US17.99 ($24)). Decked out in purple and yellow pirate garb, it's an excellent argument for never undergoing evolution.

For those of you looking for a festive way to have your credit cards and ID stolen, there's the Pikachu Pumpkin card case ($US14.99 ($20)).


While I might have preferred the hat or basic plush, neither of those features a special pocket where you're supposed to put your most valuable card-based things.

Yes, do this. Definitely do this.

Rounding out the trio is the Drifloon Halloween Circus keychain ($US9.99 ($13)). It's essentially a balloon with bat ears and wings, but there's only so much cosplay a balloon can do.

The only omission I regret is the Halloween Circus Pikachu plush, with its removable hood and jester horns that fit over Pikachu's ears. I like to pretend he's the game universe's version of cosplaying Harley Quinn.

You can pick up the entire range of Halloween Pokemon toys over at the Pokemon Center. Thanks to the timeliness of this post, you have plenty of time.


    I didn't realsie that store shipped I thought it was physical only. My mail forwarder is going to get a thrashing in the future ;)

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