A Video Game Called Tyranny Comes Out This Week

A Video Game Called Tyranny Comes Out This Week

Tomorrow, the development studio Obsidian will release Tyranny, a video game about a grand war between good and evil in which the forces of evil, led by an iron-fisted fascist named Kyros the Overlord, have achieved victory.

Obsidian describes PC game Tyranny as “a game that challenges players to find their place in an original fantasy realm where evil has conquered the known world”.

The slogan of Tyranny’s marketing campaign is: Sometimes, evil wins.


  • The potential for greatness in this game is almost outweighed by it’s potential to utterly disappoint. I’ve pre-loaded and can’t wait to get home from work on Friday..

  • Man, I wish I had the time & money.

    I will be getting this, Obsidian almost always do right by me. But not for a while. Still have Pillars to finish. & then maybe the two dlc packs.

  • Wait, what, this is out already? I really enjoyed Pillars of Eternity so have been looking forward to this one, but damn, I’d planned Dishonored 2 for this weekend :(. Curse my day job!

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