The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Set Is Magnificent

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Set Is Magnificent

For the first time in my LEGO minifigure-collecting life, I might have to buy a whole box. LEGO has revealed the 20-character The LEGO Batman Movie blind bag minifigure set, featuring Fairy Batman and Lobster-Lovin’ Batman.

While I love me some brooding Batman, I can’t get enough of Will Arnett’s lighter take on DC’s Dark Knight. He has his own movie coming in March, but the fun starts in January, when the first LEGO sets start rolling out. That includes the 20 minifigures we’ll be browsing through below (via The Brothers Brick), available in blind bags wherever LEGO stuff is sold. I guess feeling about for the pointy bat ears is only going to get us so far this time around.

Let’s see who we’re getting!

Lobster-Lovin’ Batman is pretty self-explanatory. He is Batman. He loves lobster.

Eraser is a real Batman villain who has only one goal. You can probably guess what it is.

Zodiac Master, another Batman villain. In his comics debut he predicted a series of disasters using astrology, only to have it revealed that he caused the disasters himself. His costume is so dumb.

If you don’t know who King Tut is, go watch reruns of the Batman TV show right now. Or I guess you could just use Wikipedia.

Pink-Power Batgirl is Batgirl infused with the power of pink. I am guessing that means she’s pleasant.

There’ll be plenty of Dick Grayson as Robin in the bigger movie sets. Here we have Dick as Dick, with a special accessory that’s sure to come in handy.

Fairy Batman needs no explanation. He just needs our love.

Orca, AKA Dr Grace Balin, a villain with the ability to look like a whale and swim very well. I’m sure she has other redeeming qualities.

Glam Metal Batman. You guys, it’s Glam Metal Batman.

Clan of the Cave Batman. Because.

Vacation Batman comes with a floaty duck piece that will have builders going crazy, because they are really fond of ducks. Probably.

I just love Arkham Asylum Joker’s little toof.

This might be the best Calculator costume ever created. It’s the visor.

The Red Hood features a red hood, so he’s called the Red Hood. He’s important.

Commissioner Gordon is one of the characters I will wind up with several dozen of if I don’t just buy a box.

Barbara Gordon, who we’ve already seen in this set earlier but I don’t want to spoil anything.

March Harriet, another completely real Batman villain.

Man, I knew they were going obscure with this, but Mime?!

Catman, totally not Wolverine. But secretly Wolverine.

Are we sick of Harley yet?

Look for these figures all over my desk shortly after their January launch. Then look for them a couple of weeks later in pieces all over my living room floor, because my children are monsters.


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