Final Fantasy 15 Sells 690,471 Retail Copies In Its First Week In Japan

Final Fantasy 15 Sells 690,471 Retail Copies In Its First Week In Japan

We finally (heh) have Final Fantasy 15’s first week Japanese sales number: 690,471 copies sold at retail. Let’s see how it compares to previous Final Fantasy debuts.

How do these numbers stack up historically? In comparison, during Final Fantasy 13’s first week on sale, the game sold 1,516,532 copies at Japanese retail. As My Game News Flash points out, Final Fantasy 12 sold 1.8 million copies at launch, Final Fantasy 10 sold 1.7 million and Final Fantasy 7 sold 2.03 million. It’s interesting to note that Final Fantasy 8 sold 2.5 million.

The latest Final Fantasy debut might be down historically, but it takes the top spot in the Japanese sales chart, while Pokemon Sun and Moon, which have been out a while, come in at second with 223,051 copies sold.

Retail sales are different these days, and people are also buying digital versions. Still, it’s surprising not to see it crack a million in Japan.


  • I think after we got burned by the lacklustre FFXIII series, just being a FF title doesn’t imply insta-buy anymore. So disappointing launch-week sales aren’t totally unexpected. But with positive reviews and good word-of-mouth I’m confident this one’s gonna have some legs.

    • Every game in a series benefits/suffers from how good the one before it was, thus why 8 did so damn well. Everybody wanted the next ff after how good 7 was. XV is far from perfect but it’s still pretty damn great so the next ff will probably do quite a bit better in its First week.

      • So much of the game falls into the “almost” category so providing they don’t fuss too much with the formula I can see great potential for the next game.
        We have an amazing world but the content that populates it is sparse. We have a decent combat system but a camera that makes it difficult to enjoy. Great main characters but lacking secondary characters. A fairly well paced story and overall game completion but the progression trees were barely scratched and I am practically out of things to do.

        A few years development with a focused directive and stable team could yield a top notch FF16 if it built off the foundations that are now in place.

          • Haha nahhhh.. from what I’ve done they’re fetch MMO quests. Don’t really want to over level the main story too much either.

          • More saying the pacing between events happening through the main story feel about right, not so much the length of the game. You knew when you were getting toward the end. You knew when you had time to mess around and so on. Unlike say 13 where just as you thought the game was opening up it slammed shut over the span of 2 or 3 chapters.

  • It’s the lack of Waifu, c’mon let’s be real about this 😉

    A game about bromance can’t hold the cards against protagonists such as Lightning, Ash, Yuna, Tifa, Rinoa etc at least from a marketing perspective of first week sales especially within the demographic of male gamers. Sure, I’m generalising and potentially trolling to gender panderers though honestly there is the lack of playable female support. Hopefully in the coming weeks they’ll see decent return to merit the extensive development cycle, else this could truly be the Final Fantasy…

    • Lunafreya’s rumoured to be a potential controllable character in DLC, but even then, I’m skeptical. She’s been programmed to be the ‘strong female’ character, but compared to FF13’s efforts (with distinct and immediately obvious personality differences between their Lightning, Sera, Fang, and Vanille) Luna has the all the personality and character of a potato.

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