Gigantic, The One WIth The Cel-Shaded Bird Guy, Enters Open Beta

Announced back in 2014 with a bird person GIF so outstanding it had to be reused for this post, Motiga's action MOBA Gigantic has launched into open beta on Xbox One and PC. It's still rather pretty.

You remember Gigantic, right? Unique look, giant creatures that fight alongside your team, sort of like an Offence of the Ancients? There's a trailer below if you're getting nothing. Either way, players on PC and Xbox One can play the game for free starting today.

Players on either platform can also order a Founder's Pack for the free-to-play game. $US39.99 ($54) grants players access to 20 different heroes (16 at launch, plus four coming soon), special skins and whatnot. You can find out more over at


    Probably worth mentioning the beta isn't available in Australia. Only in North America and Western Europe.
    This article got my hopes up.

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