First Glimpse At What A Super Mario Theme Park Could Look Like

In 2020, before the Tokyo Olympics, Universal Studios Japan will open its Mario-themed amusement area to the public. Today, Nintendo provides our first glimpse at what we might get.

As Kotaku previously reported, this is not a standalone theme park, but a world in USJ — namely, Super Nintendo World.

This was first revealed in May 2015, and as previously reported, over 300 million dollars is being invested in the project. Super Mario World will take up a good chunk of the park, and as you can see in the top image, it looks the Mushroom Kingdom brought to life.

Which is exactly what everyone wants.

Earlier this year, Kotaku reported that the the Osaka park will open in 2020, but now, there are plans to bring the world to Universal Studios Hollywood and the Universal Orlando Resort.


    If it ends up looking like that I may have to go pay a visit.

    Looks a bit heavy on the Mario theming, hope that other Ninty IPs get their deserved representation in the park.

    Only worth visiting if you can race karts around it!

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