20 Minutes Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Gameplay

I never tire of watching this video game in action.

As I've mentioned before, the hype I have for this video game is almost unfair at this point. The Zelda series has forever been my personal favourite and I've been hoping for this kind of reinvention for years.

I hope this game delivers.


    I think the video is Curtis Stoned, Mark.

    This really makes me want a Nintendo Switch. Maybe that along with some Mario games will make it worthwhile for me if I do.

    It looks great, but does it look $550-odd bucks great?

    I could buy 10 AAA Xbox/ PS games that I’ve missed for that price and play them on better hardware…..

    BUT the Switch has Zelda!
    BUT it’s another weird 1.5 generation Zelda!
    BUT it looks like it has lots of cool features!
    BUT it’s the only justification for buying the machine at launch!
    BUT more games will follow!
    BUT it looks like Nintendo is still half-assing its first party releases to fill an empty 3rd party schedule!
    BUT I still want the “new” Mario Kart and the “new” Splatoon”!
    BUT I don’t trust Nintendo’s shitty online or want to buy more overpriced controllers!
    BUT it’ll have a Virtual Console featuring all Nintendo’s classics!
    BUT Nintendo should have had a Virtual Console featuring all Nintendo’s classics years ago and they always cock it up!
    BUT Mario will be out at Christmas and it looks whole-hearted and awesome…..

    I swear I’ve got splinters in my date I’m so in the fence about getting a Switch at launch, and if I don’t get one in the first 9 months then there’s every chance that it joins the WiiU as the second Nintendo console of the past 25 years that I’ll skip, particularly as Nintendo won’t drop the price of anything.

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