Disney Is Using Rogue One To Get People Into Star Wars Rebels

If you haven't seen the Star Wars Rebels animated series yet, let me give you a tip. It's probably the best narrative going around in the Star Wars universe since the Disney buyout, and that includes Rogue One and The Force Awakens. But if you're still on the fence, and you've seen Rogue One, here's the perfect introduction.

It's an official Disney trailer that cuts footage from Rogue One featuring Saw Gerrera, with footage from an upcoming two-part episode of Star Wars Rebels. It's due to screen in the US on January 7, and it'll flesh out more of Gerrara's backstory - the thing that Rogue One sadly couldn't and never had the time to do.

The episode is titled Ghosts of Geonosis. If that doesn't ring a bell, it should: Geonosis is the planet where The Clone Wars started, the same planet where Obi-Wan discovered Count Dooku leading a separatist gathering.


    and it'll flesh out more of Gerrara's backstory - the thing that Rogue One sadly couldn't and never had the time to do.

    Because The Clone Wars already did it... just saying. It's not like Gerrera was a new character here, he was brought in from the cartoon which did a good job of establishing him.

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    Whats the point in posting this? Its not available to view from Australia (Especially since its tagged under "Australian Stories")

    Edit: Sorry, I meant the youtube video is not available (Which is now fixed)!
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      They might be miles behind but doesn't Foxtel have it?
      Either way still worth posting, Rebels is worth the watch even if you have to pirate it.

        It's pretty awesome, plus it's set to tie into Rogue One in a pretty big way eventually apparently.

    Yo Star Wars dawgz, we heard you like tie-ins, so we made some tie-ins to your tie-in, so you can tie-in while you tie-in.

    Started watching Clone Wars over the holidays and have been loving it.
    I had heard it was good but I am genuinely surprised about how good it is.
    I never thought I would be cheering for Storm Troopers!
    I love how they are done, being clones but with their own individual personalities.
    It makes their betrayal in Return of the Sith a lot darker.
    It is also a bit depressing as watching Clone Wares and Rouge One makes you realise how good Episodes 1 - 3 could have been.

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