The Coffee Table That Looks Like A NES Controller

Image: Retro-bit

It wasn't being demoed on the show floor when I went past, but we can still take heart in the knowledge that someone is giving coffee tables a bit of extra utility.

The utility will set you back $US500, plus whatever shipping to Australia is (if that's an option). But if you go through all of that, what you get is a wooden coffee table that also doubles as a four-button USB controller.

Retro-bit, makers of the Mega Table, say it won't be available until March 2017 at the earliest. You can remove the legs if you'd like, and it comes with a 10 foot (!) detachable USB cord.

Image: Retro-bit

The Happ switches is nice, although I'd question how comfortable it'd be to use for emulated games and Steam over, say, a regular controller. But hey, it's a great talking piece to have (if you've got the money to blow, anyway).


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