Sega Is Resurrecting This Gigantic Flight Stick Controller For Its Mega Drive Mini 2 Console

Sega Is Resurrecting This Gigantic Flight Stick Controller For Its Mega Drive Mini 2 Console

Earlier this month, Sega Japan announced a follow-up to its game-filled Mega Drive mini console, but apparently the company’s got more in store for the day the Mega Drive Mini 2 is officially released and today revealed it’s also reviving a classic lap-busting flight stick controller along with it.

Although the Sega Genesis Mini (also known as the Mega Drive Mini in several international regions, including Japan) arrived a few years after Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition miniaturized consoles, it put Nintendo’s efforts to shame with the inclusion of 40 classic 16-bit titles. The forthcoming Mega Drive Mini 2 one-ups the original with an even smaller design but 50 bundled games, including several enhanced (better sound and video) Sega CD titles like Virtua Racing and Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2's retail packaging. (Image: Sega | Famitsu, Other)

When initially revealed, Sega announced the Mega Drive Mini 2 would only be available in Japan starting on October 27 for around $US75 ($104) with a single six-button Fighting Pad 6B controller, but didn’t reveal the entire list of games it would include. In follow-up announcements the company has been slowly revealing the Mega Drive Mini 2’s full games roster, including one today that included something even more surprising. On October 27, Sega will also be releasing a modernised USB revival of the Sharp Cyber Stick flight stick controller: a lap-busting game pad featuring a joystick and throttle lever that can be swapped and toggled between digital and analogue modes.

The new USB Cyber Stick will potentially be useful with bundled Mega Drive Mini 2 games like After Burner 2, but Sega hasn’t revealed how much it’s going to cost (nor if it will ever be available outside of Japan) and if it ends up being more expensive than the mini console itself, we’re not so sure if it’s going to be a must-have accessory.


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