The Last Of Us Remade In Giant LEGO Build

LEGO builder Tim Schwalfenberg has outdone himself here, building a The Last Of Us diorama that covers an entire city block, both indoors and out.

Via Brothers Brick, Schwalfenberg says he used over 20,000 bricks, and that it took him over 100 hours to put together.

The diorama measures 100cmx60cm and is absolutely loaded with detail, from grass emerging through cracked rods to ruined bathrooms full of junk.

We don't get the best look at them in these shots, but there's a little minifig Joel & Ellie as well.


    Not enough movable skip bins or floating pallets. Totally unrealistic.

    But seriously, that's super fucking cool.

    That's amazing. I thought I was good at lego but these posts show me that my space ships mean nothing. This is real art.

    I could do better.........

    No I really couldn't and I'm completely fucking jealous of those mad skills on display!!!!!

    Looking through the pics, all I could think was "Okay, where are the giraffes?" Anyone else?

    I love those external wall bricks, so rad. But I think the interiors need a bit more contrast in the bricks used, 90% grey looks a little strange / hard to read as is.

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