LEGO Bioshock Infinite Diorama Is Simply Massive

LEGO Bioshock Infinite Diorama Is Simply Massive

The exterior of the Bank of the Prophet in Bioshock Infinites was one of the most memorable parts of the game, and it’s just simply incredible in LEGO form.

This massive build was made by the talented Imagine Rigney and was exhibited at BrickWorld last month. If you haven’t seen it, there’s no need to worry — the creator himself uploaded a pretty big gallery with all the details we want to see.

Here are some highlights. Close-ups, a Handyman, The Luteces, Songbird, Booker and Elizabeth, and a superb night view. Check out Imagine Rigney’s gallery on Flickr, he has a lot more.

Also, here’s Brick Podcast and a short clip with the creator at BrickWorld.

Bioshock Infinite LEGO by Imagine Rigney [Flickr, via BrothersBrick]


  • I remember having great difficulties at that particular stage of the game with the Handyman, died several times trying to shoot and avoid him

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