Blame!'s Anime Adaptation Looks Like A Blast

The project was first shown off last year, but now there's a proper trailer (and release details) for the anime adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei's manga masterpiece Blame!.

As discussed, Blame! is my favourite manga of all time, because it's weird and lonely and fascinating and has some of the most breath-taking art you'll ever see in a sci-fi comic. The sense of scale Nihei was able to accomplish haunts me even a decade on, and what's particularly cool about this anime adaptation is that it looks like it's focusing on the section of the story that's, well, a story, and not the beginning (which is just a dude walking around) or the end (which was a disaster).

It will be out on Netflix globally on May 20. Can't wait.


    Looks great, definitely can't wait for this one! Exceeeept that they're using 3D CGI for the characters, it just doesn't look good and the increasing use of it in the industry bothers me, just look at last years Beserk. I mean it was good and all but imagine how much better it would be if the characters were done in traditional hand drawn style, it's why works such as Akira and Studio Ghibli's films still stand the test of time. Still going to watch the hell out of this though

      I thought the same with Ajin. 3D CG art style turned me off at first but eventually you get used to it

    Blame is also my favourite, along with A Midnight Opera (which may not count). Nihei's work genuinely is impossible to translate to any format other than print.

    Last edited 28/02/17 8:57 am

    Calling a manga 'visually impossible' seems like an obvious contradiction in the trailer.

    Wow never thought this would happen after all these years. Maybe we can get MPD Psycho next or 20th Century Boys.

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