Dragon Ball Is Excellent At Anime Openings 

Over the years, we've gotten loads of excellent opening credit sequences from the various Dragon Ball anime. The latest from Dragon Ball Super is no exception, but how does it stack up to the others? Let's find out!

[GIF via Toei Animation]

In case you missed it, here's the new Dragon Ball Super opening, which debuted last week.

Damn, this is good and way better than the show's first opening, which felt somewhat flat.

See? It isn't terrible, but it doesn't exactly get you pumped up. Now, let's see how these compare to some standout openings from other DB anime.

Not a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z Kai, but the animation and editing in this opening is on point.

The first Dragon Ball GT opening isn't exactly as intense as the newer openings, but it's a longtime fan favourite. And for good reason! It's terrific.

Maybe the best DB theme to date? But not more exciting than Super's new hyped up opening.

Or maybe this is the best theme?

No. This is. And the best opener.

Feel free to mention your favourite Dragon Ball opening in the comments below.

For those living outside Japan, subtitled Dragon Ball Super episodes are streaming on Crunchyroll. Thank goodness.


    Was a little worried that "Cha la head cha la" wasn't included until I saw the last one. Phew. Saved. Although tbh i love it more for nostalgic reasons. Overall, I still actually prefer GT's opening.

    I'm not a massive fan of GTs themes. But how did Kotaku Australia not add the best of all. The original Dragon Ball Z theme song here. Rock the Dragon.

    Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku is hands down the best song in all of Dragon Ball.

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