Favourite Winter Anime By State

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid In the U.S., we aren't quite in a united state of anime. According to a new graph published by anime streaming service Crunchyroll, half of America is in agreement over its favourite anime right now, while the other half's tastes are pretty scattered.

Action series Blue Exorcist is dominating the coasts and the South. 24 states are tuning into it most frequently. In between, fantasy series Konosuba and the cutesy, romantic Fuuka battle it out for the midwest while Interviews with Monster Girls steals a Alaska, Delaware and Rhode Island. Montana is the outlier, preferring the questionable but sweet Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid to more mainstream titles.

Here's Crunchyroll's graph:

Crunchyroll You can check out my 4 must-watch Winter anime here. I declared this season to be an anime desert, aside from Scum's Wish and a few others, but am glad that others found a few things to enjoy.


    Blue Exorcist and Konosuba are no brainers since they a second seasons following on from successful first seasons.

    More interested in what new IP is popular. monster girls has peaked my interest cause of the living with mental health/disabilities subtext.

      Yeah, my partner and I have been watching Interviews With Monster Girls, too. Was(/still am slightly) worried that it's going to veer into harem territory, which is a little too much for us, given that most of the characters are school girls... But there's been some really solid, mature advice being delivered by the high school teachers towards the students that I'd recommend to anyone, which indicates that it's pretty savvy in its awareness of real world relationships and feelings. So we're still watching.

      Also, I hate being 'that guy', but... I feel it'll be helpful for you to know that it's 'piqued' your interest, not peaked.

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