LEGO Dimensions' Knight Rider World Is Pretty Boring

LEGO Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world. The world of the LEGO Knight Rider. A twilight world that feels like it only exists so more exciting LEGO characters can play with KITT.

Every new entertainment property that comes to LEGO Dimensions gets its own Adventure World, a free-roaming map packed with challenges, missions and cheeky references to its source material. In some of these adventure worlds, like the Sonic the Hedgehog one from late last year, you really feel like the designers had a lot of love for the property. The Knight Rider Adventure World, introduced with the release of tomorrow's EB Games exclusive Michael Knight Fun Pack, just feels bland.

Between this and KITT's constant whooshing noises, I'm going to fall asleep.

It's a world where the sky is constantly fading from sunset orange to star-flecked night. A shadowy world that the world's least shadowy hero calls home. Michael Knight rides KITT through the streets of a small town, the Vegas strip and winding orange canyons, seeking out wrongs to right, things to build and gold bricks.

Spoilers? Too late.

The basic Knight Rider vibe is there, from the funky incidental music to the snide comments from KITT to battles with nameless thugs. Beloved characters from the 1982 series make cameos, and should you find the semi cycling through the streets you can indeed drive right into the back for a pit stop.

Needs more boomboxes.

I don't think the problem with the Knight Rider Adventure Level comes from a lack of love from the developers. It's just the original Knight Rider wasn't the most exciting television, and that reflects in its LEGO counterpart. The Michael Knight minifigure doesn't even have any special powers — all he does is jump and fight.

When you don't even need a car, you still drive KITT.

It all comes down to KITT. He's the type of iconic vehicle that you want to see the likes of Superman, Harry Potter and Gizmo the Gremlin driving around. KITT ranks right up there with the DeLorean from Back to the Future, one of the first vehicles in LEGO Dimensions. KITT had to get into this game, and he brought his boring friends along for the ride.

If you're going to pick this one up, maybe wait until the sales kick in.


    I'm sorry man, you're review is horrible.

    First off, I'm a big Knight Rider fan - all the way to the fact that I am restoring a 1982 Trans Am as KITT. That said, I eagerly awaited the arrival of this fun pack, with frankly, very low expectations. There has yet to be a truly good Knight Rider video game, ever. There was an NES version, which we played back in the late 80's because it was the closest thing you could get. Then there was the PC version that came out in the early 2000's, which was quite bad. You could turbo boost, and the story line was very linear, much less any substance of story line or graphics. So when Lego said they would release one, frankly I just wanted it so that my 6 year old would think "daddy's car" was in a video game.

    Low and behold though, I was quite surprised by this expansion. We jumped straight into continuing our standard Lego Dimensions story line, complimenting Wild Style, Batman and Gandolf to continue the game. This is where I have to correct you... Michael Knight doesn't have any "special" fighting abilities, but he does have the ability to interface with tech panels, which the original three cannot... so that was a help. However, even in the show Knight Rider, it was never really Michael that had any "abilities"... it was KITT... and thus I feel Lego stayed true to that. KITT can drive faster than the Batmobile in the game, can jump (turbo boost), has lasers and rockets, all of which are a +1 over the standard Batmobile that come with the game.

    Some of the zingers are pretty dumb, as most Lego humor is... but one was quite funny, to a true fan that is. My son didn't get it, but I laughed so hard. Michael "died" by falling apart lego-pieces style, when he comes back and says "well at least I got to keep my same face this time"... now that's funny. If you don't get it, watch the first episode of Knight Rider, "Knight of the Phoenix"

    Back to the expansion world.... again, didn't expect much as I explained earlier. The Lego team went above and beyond here to stay true to the show and it will be a joy to interact with to true fans. The inside of the Semi is actually quite playfully show-accurate (as accurate as Lego can be that is). The old Las Vegas town resembling Fremont street is a throw back to the first season. The stunt show arena is akin to episodes 2 - 3. Bonnie and Garth make an appearance.

    All in all, I think they did a great job. If you're a true Knight Rider fan, you'll get a kick out of it. If you're not, sure you might find it boring (if you're 6 years old like my son).

      Good to see another knight rider fan out there. Im also bulding a replica KITT out of an 89 formula. To the topic at hand, this is lego not halo or fallout, ita going to be cheesy, its going to be more kid oriented, and as krumpe stated unless you are a true KR fan you wont get allot of the referances. That being said, its a LEGO game (expansion) it fun, silly and not ment to taken so seriously. Have fun, and enjoy it for what it is!

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