NVIDIA GTX 1080’s Are Selling For Under $780, Again

NVIDIA GTX 1080’s Are Selling For Under $780, Again

If you’re in need of a beefier graphics card, there’s a decent deal available on the GTX 1080 right now from one of the country’s bigger vendors.

PLE Computers are currently pushing the Galax 8GB version of NVIDIA’s current flagship GPU, the GTX 1080, out the door for $777. That’s about $50 cheaper than the Gigabyte GTX 1080 available at Umart, although you lose a little of the difference in shipping.

The price is about the same as in November, when Ebay and PC Byte were offering two separate deals on Gigabyte GTX 1080’s for about $780. Buying direct through a large retailer always has that added degree of security about it though. And it’s also a nice bit of vindication for people who held out on the GTX 1080, especially after the ludicrous $1000-plus prices that were being charged during the card’s launch last year.

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One word of caution though: while the GTX 1080 is a very good card, prices might be about to drop even further. There’s plenty of rumours on the horizon that NVIDIA will finally unveil the GTX 1080 Ti next week at the Game Developers Conference, after they opted not to showcase it at this year’s CES.

Of course, there’s no confirmation on that. And even if the 1080 Ti launches, there’s no word on when it’ll become available in Australia. So for now, enjoy the best deal you can get right now on a GTX 1080. (It’s not as fast as a Titan X, naturally, but it is infinitely better value.)


  • Plus don’t forget that AMD are unveiling the Vega cards on the same day at the AMD Capsaicin & Cream event. While AMD don’t have any direct competitors for the top tier NVidia cards they might provide some downward pressure on 1080 (and more likely 1070) cards depending on where the Vega offerings slot in compared to current gen NVidia.

    • Vega won’t be out until the second quarter, possibly middle of the year. And I think expectations that it might match GTX 1080 level could be a bit far. But we’ll see. (so don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten and I won’t forget to cover it)

      • Sorry, I should have clarified. It’s not that the Vega cards will be available for purchase, but the combination of RRP data (assuming they announce that) combined with whatever NVidia do at their presser about a maybe 1080TI will start to contribute to downward pressure on 1070/80 cards.

        I don’t personally expect Vega to hit GTX 1080 levels, I think more likely 1070″ish” – it would otherwise be very un-AMD-like. Still, they’ve got those nifty CPUs in the not too distant future. Maybe they’re actually making a play.

        Looking forward to waking up on the 1st and seeing the results of those press events. 😀

        • The CPUs are likely out in a few weeks, and the performance on those looks to be good. I think the Vega will be close to 1080 on some things and faster on others.
          Either way, it is likely that Nvidia will announce a Ti and drop the 1080 price, so it would be nuts to buy a card now unless it was crazy cheap.

      • Did you miss out on all the deep dives? The 4000 core AMD Vega is definitely ahead of the GTX 1080. Its the most cutting edge architecture in existence with the biggest improvements AMD has had since the 7000 series. I’m thinking it will be very close to 1080 Ti and Titan X Pascal, surpassing them in best case scenarios.

    • I don’t really think nVidia will care too much unless Vega outperforms the 1080. They are dominating the market so much at the moment, they really cannot lose unless they REALLY screw up

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