The Hair Flips Of Madoka Magica’s Homura, Ranked

The Hair Flips Of Madoka Magica’s Homura, Ranked
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Madoka Magica‘s Homura Akemi is the best girl. If you haven’t watched the anime series all the way through, perhaps that is not apparent. If you have and don’t agree, you’re probably a monster.

Madoka Magica

Among her many virtues, including strength and compassion, is her incredible hair, which often is in her face and needs a good flip. Throughout Madoka Magica‘s 12 episodes (and the movies), Homura regularly enters scenes with a sick one-liner, punctuated by an elegant hair flip. And often when she leaves a scene, it’s with a grave warning or even just silence. Then, she turns and runs her fingers through those long, black tresses.

Homura just wants you to know that she is slick and doesn’t care if you die. Or she’s too preoccupied slaying witches and saying what’s what to deal with her hair. In any case, I’ve made a ranking of Homura’s hair flips from the Madoka TV series, which I will provide without justification:









  • This was just like the show: “Oh look, isn’t everything all cute and whimsical, magic is cool. HAHAHA NO, LOOK AT YOUR FRIEND’S CORPSES! LOOK AT THEM!”

    In summary… This show, man…

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