When Pin-Ups Meet Harry Potter Cosplay

Cosplay by Ginny Di | Photo by Josh Randall

Kotaku cosplay regular Ginny Di returns here with a super cool tribute to Gil Elvgren's iconic pin-up art, giving the 20th century illustrations a Harry Potter twist.

Photos by Josh Randall. You can see more of Ginny's cosplay at her Facebook page.

Cosplay by Ginny Di | Photo by Josh Randall

Cosplay by Ginny Di | Photo by Josh Randall

Cosplay by Ginny Di | Photo by Josh Randall

Cosplay by Ginny Di | Photo by Josh Randall

Cosplay by Ginny Di | Photo by Josh Randall


    Seriously Kotaku, make your mind up.

    On the one hand you posts articles highlighting the apparent misogynistic agenda behind Mario saving Peach.

    On the other you posts articles featuring the overt sexualisation of school age girls from a popular fiction series.

    Talk about trying to have your cake and eat it.... (Or just blatant hypocrisy).

      it's almost like there are different writers with different opinions, and different situations where the women have different levels of agency.

        One of the jobs of editors is to ensure even tone and message across the publication. This isn't an excuse.

          I disagree, this is a gaming (focused) website, not a newspaper.
          It's a step above blogging.

          The writers can, and should be allowed to hold different opinions and write about different things.

          and the commentariat can and should be allowed to disagree with the writers. Like you are doing.

          Last edited 05/02/17 1:02 pm

      how is a schoolgirl's leg sexual

        When it's purposefully juxtapositioned against something explicitly sexual like a pin-up?

          they are extremely toned down juxtapositions though. There's nothing that wouldn't be appropriate in an Actual School except for probably hem length. My large point though was that I think it's really easy to say "well she's sexualising herself" when really it's our perspectives that are sexualising her and it's as easy as being conscious of it to stop it.

          Explicitly sexual would be if they were naked, pin-ups are goddamn CLASSY compared to the selfies girls take nowadays, selfies these girls would surely be taking on a regular basis had they grown up as muggles instead of witches.

    Every one of these pictures is sexualised. Even if the characters portrayed are only 'school girls' (who appear in the stories up to the age of 17), the model herself sure isn't. The fact that they're modeled so clearly on the "pin-ups" right next to them proves where they're trying to go with it.

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