Yep, This Is An 83-Minute Analysis Of A Three-Minute Super Mario Odyssey Trailer

In January, Nintendo released a three-minute trailer for the upcoming platformer Super Mario Odyssey. This past weekend, GameXplain released an 83-minute video that analyses that trailer. And it's way better than it has any right to be.

You wouldn't think a film-length analysis of a video game trailer would be gripping and fun to watch, but hey, GameXplain has somehow pulled it off. You can watch the full video here:

It includes, among other things: A detailed breakdown of New Donk City's layout and Donkey Kong references; the discovery that each area has a different-shaped purple collectable; and many theories about hats, checkpoints and the moon. At first they cover New Donk City, then move to the desert area (38:27), followed by the mechanical forest (59:34), and finally the colourful volcano level (1:10:34).

GameXplain theorises that these might be the only four levels in Super Mario Odyssey, which seems like a bit of a stretch, but the logic is clear. And yes, if you put aside the fact that this is literally an 83-minute analysis of a three-minute video game trailer, it is incredibly enjoyable.


    I wouldn't call the purple shaped collectables a discovery, it was was easy to see from the trailer. There were at least two different types shown off in different levels.

      But this is the interwebs. It is their version of calling "first!" on the purple things, regardless of whether 2million other people also acknowledged them.

    I watched this on the weekend. I love these kind of analysis videos. I once watched a 4 hour video about Mass Effect's indoctrination theory. It was great.

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