Leaked Super Mario Bros. Movie Posters Show Off New Donk City

Leaked Super Mario Bros. Movie Posters Show Off New Donk City

You can officially witness Chris Pratt’s non-denominational Mario goofing around in a new Super Mario Bros. trailer releasing later today during a Nintendo Direct livestream — but oh no, there was-a leak. The latest leak builds off the previous one from October, which let us peek the upcoming movie’s interpretation of wide-eyed Princess Peach. Now we’ve got at least eight more posters showcasing Peach, Toad, and Luigi’s little matte bodies.

Most of the posters are just alternate views of what you’ve already seen in the first Mario Bros. trailer that released in October. Yep, 3D Mario and Luigi look like 3D Mario and Luigi. That’s Toad, yeah. Nice harem pants, looking very well-ventilated. Peach strikes me as one of the more detailed characters, with defined curls in her hair and polished cotton puff sleeves, compared to Mario’s flat red work shirt. But it’s a known fact that only girls can cast shadow, so maybe that’s why.

One poster in particular seems to provide confirmation that all Mario characters in this movie are canonically, vaguely Protestant, or at least, certainly not Roman Catholic. It shows Mario and Luigi in New Donk City, back-to-back with arms crossed — which is fine, everyone is allowed to cross their arms — but if you look closely, very closely, you’ll notice that the sunny street of brownstones they’re standing on is called “Brooklyn.” Brooklyn Street? Brooklyn Avenue? Brooklyn Road? Standing under the Brooklyn St. sign is a power suit-wearing Pauline, the Mario franchise’s OG damsel and songstress. The next leaked images will show her reading Calvinist doctrines in front of America Place. It’s easier to say than Kosciuszko.

Fan theories, currently, are considering the presence of a Mario multiverse, with actual Brooklyn instead of New Donk acting as the titular bros’ home base, closer to 1989 TV show The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! than Super Mario Odyssey.

“It’s Lexington, Kentucky clearly,” one Redditor wrote in the valiant New Donk vs. Brooklyn debate section of the leak comments.

Today’s trailer will likely bring elucidation — it premieres at 9 AM AEDT (and you can click here for times in your neck of the woods).


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