There Is No Love For Toad In This Cat Mario Three-Pack

There Is No Love For Toad In This Cat Mario Three-Pack
They are here, they are live, and they are cats. (Photo: Jakks Pacific)

Following up on yesterday’s gorgeous Bowser boat, toy-maker Jakks Pacific’s second MAR10 week reveal is a $US30 ($39) Super Mario 3D World three-pack featuring articulated four-inch figures of Cat Mario, Cat Luigi, and Cat Peach. Cat Toad can go straight to hell.

There’s probably a perfectly good reason the box set, coming this fall to toy stores everywhere, left out the fourth member of 3D World’s four-person party. Maybe blue paint is pricier than pink, orange, or green paint. Perhaps Jakks is running low on plastic. It could be they already made the boxes and there just wasn’t room for anything more than Luigi, Mario, and Peach.

Photo: Jakks Pacific Photo: Jakks Pacific

Oh, and the little replica cat bell power-up. You gotta have that in there.

Don’t worry, Toad fans. I’m sure Jakks is just gearing up for the big reveal of a super deluxe Cat Toad figure with 20 different accessories, interchangeable hands, different facial expressions, and some sort of cool transforming feature. That, or Toad is just the worst and no one cares.

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