Second Super Bros. Movie Trailer Beats The Absolute Shit Out Of Mario

Second Super Bros. Movie Trailer Beats The Absolute Shit Out Of Mario

Gather round ye gamers, for Nintendo and Illumination Studios have revealed a second Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer for us to gawk at, make memes from, and turn into fuel for our speculations and heated online debates about what next April’s theatrical release may have in store.

During today’s Nintendo Direct livestream for the Super Mario Bros. movie we finally got to see the silver-screen model of Her Majesty Princess Peach in action, joining characters we’ve seen before who have the privilege to breathe the same air as her. In what has quickly become a tradition, Jack Black’s Bowser continues to provide the most enjoyment in these trailers while Chris Pratt’s moments as Mario act as their valleys. Luckily, this time around we also got to hear more of Charlie Day’s Luigi to balance out Mario’s mediocrity and Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong beating the overalls off of Mario’s generous arse. To Pris Cratt’s credit, he did give us a pretty good “let’s-a go” and “wahoo” before the end of the trailer.

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If you were doomscrolling online earlier today, you might’ve caught leaked posters of Mario, Luigi (AKA Better Mario), Toad, and Princess Peach circulating online. If you’re keeping score, today’s oopsie marks the second time we’ve seen leaked promotional material for the movie, although this time around the source wasn’t a random post on Discord from a McDonald’s employee.

We got our first eye-full of Super Mario Bros. in a trailer revealed last month during New York Comic Con, though the pipe-crawling plumber’s washboard arse left a lot to be desired from die-hard Mario fans. Sadly, Chris Pratt’s “I spent a weekend in Brooklyn” Mario didn’t bring them yams to the second Super Mario Bros. trailer either. But chin up. If we’ve learned anything from the live-action Sonic movie, bullying works, so there’s hope that Mario will have a juicy caboosey come the next trailer. (Ahem, please don’t actually bully the Super Mario Bros. Movie animators about Mario’s arse.)

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is slated to hit theatres on April 7.

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