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The core innovation of Super Mario Odyssey is Mario's companion, Cappy. Cappy is a hat that can magically possess everything from non-living objects to living characters. Toss Cappy at an enemy, and the enemy will sprout a Mario moustache and a signature red hat. Mario gains full control over the creature's movements and abilities.


Super Mario Odyssey came out last October and continues to delight players. Datamined secrets, awesome glitches, and a fancy balloon hunting mode have kept players exploring the game's vibrant world long after other games have come and gone.


Super Mario Odyssey speedrunners often use glitches to grab tricky power moons or skip through major portions of the game. A new patch implemented alongside the new Luigi's Balloon World mode last week blocked some of those crucial tricks, slowing any runner who upgraded their game. Now, the community is trying to figure out what to allow in their runs and how to keep their leaderboards fair.


Growing up, you probably played hide-and-seek, and you probably had one friend who was so good at hiding that it felt as though they'd vanished. Well, imagine that they could literally phase through walls in order to win, and you'll have an idea of how Mario Odyssey players are feeling right now.