Destiny 2 Officially Revealed, Confirmed For PC

The teasing is over: Destiny 2, a video game for which I am already brainstorming silly ledes, will be out September 8 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Here's the reveal trailer:

And here's Bungie describing the game:

Humanity's last safe city has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force, led by Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion. He has stripped the city's Guardians of their power, and forced the survivors to flee. You will venture to mysterious, unexplored worlds of our solar system to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities. To defeat the Red Legion and confront Ghaul, you must reunite humanity's scattered heroes, stand together, and fight back to reclaim our home.

As we reported last year, this Destiny sequel is aiming to feel like a fresh start for Bungie's ongoing franchise, which has picked up a great deal of baggage since it first launched in September of 2014. In addition to coming to PC, Destiny 2 will offer a clean break for everyone, leaving behind all of our old weapons and gear.

Because the day wouldn't be complete without more teasing, Bungie says there'll be a "gameplay premiere live stream" on May 18.


    I'm pumped!

      I CAN’T WAIT TO GET PUMPED! Right along with all the other future pokie addicts and assorted suckers.
      Personally, I can’t wait to spent $79 to find some items the same as the ones I already have but with higher numbers attached, so I can fight enemies that are the same as the ones I killed, but with higher numbers attached!
      I’m looking forward to experiencing static open areas filled with mindless placeholder stuff to shoot, and driving vehicles that may as well not exist….. I also plan to behave aggressively towards people who question my unhealthy addiction.
      I’m hoping to have at least 600 hours of my life negated in a patch that fixes a problem that would have been avoided had any thought gone into the game in the first place.
      I’m also excited for January 2018, when they’ll ask me for another $79 and then diminish the existing game when I don’t pay it.

      Yep….. getting pumped is what Destiny is all about!

        On the other hand, the PvP is fucking fun. So that's neat

          The PvP was mediocre when I played it in the month after Destiny launched. I mean it was mechanically solid and fun, but half-baked, poorly explained and maimed by dumb design "choices".

          I understand that in keeping with the rest of the game, they slowly improved it over a few months and providing you didn’t get “locked-out” by not giving them more money for the updates that you eventually got a $150 PvP experience that was as good as it should have been at launch.

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            I thought it was one of the PvP experiences I've ever had, I don't like shooter PvP game except for Destiny and Overwatch now.

            From that comment i'm assuming that you only played Destiny for a month or so after release. You're operating on extremely outdated information and you've fallen into the intellectual trap of "if i don't like it there's nothing to like and everyone who does is a sucker".

            Destiny sure had / still has its problems, but anyone who bought it today (for $39 with all expansions at JB HI FI) would find a wealth of content to play and a far less punishing loot system. Are some people addicted to it the way people get addicted to literally anything? Definitely. Is the game a hollow scam with nothing to offer its players but the next carrot on a slightly longer stick? No goddamn way.

            Destiny definitely had a bumpy landing, a lot of it Bungie's fault, more of it Activision's fault, and a healthy part of it the player base's fault through insane, unreachable expectations. There were definitely times when it felt not worth the effort, or unfair, or slightly exploitative, but the times when it wasn't far outweighed that and there were experiences I had with my friends on it that are up there as some of the best i've ever had in gaming, period.

            You'd be an idiot to make up your mind already about Destiny 2. All signs point to Bungie having learned some hard lessons from Destiny 1 and being committed to delivering on all their promises this time.

              Realistically I don’t doubt for a second that Destiny 2 won’t be a better game or that the $40 package isn’t good value now.

              Really though, I did buy Destiny for full retail at launch, and if I boot it up now (I have recently) it’s still the same soulless POS that it was at launch. For everything they added with an expansion they took something away from people who “only” bought the game for full-retail, and while they admitted mistake after mistake they’ve offered nothing to that original player base.

              And let’s not pretend it wasn’t a bad game at launch. It felt like a solid shooter with empty worlds, blatantly exploitative mechanics and placeholder story/enemies/vehicles and that’s EXACTLY what it was.

              Why the hell would I give them more money than full retail when they sold me an admittedly shit product in the first place?

              I don’t see how anyone objective, even if they enjoy the game and choose to keep playing, can’t see the exploitative and shitty business practices and feel the need to defend Bungie/ Activision and the game.

              It’s textbook addictive behaviour, the lashing out of someone who deep down knows they’re being exploited and doesn’t have enough of a handle on the situation to acknowledge it.
              I mean I buy EA products, and they’re all f*cked. I like UFC 2 but know the whole career mode is intentionally gimped to encourage you to buy DLC. I still like it, I know I’m a sucker, but I’m not going to actively defend it.
              I’m not ‘downvoting’ people who are putting shit on it, that’s for sure.

                That "the base game became unplayable after the DLCs and I was punished for only buying the base game" argument seems like a fair enough one until you consider that the base game and first DLC (what a reasonable consumer would probably buy if they enjoyed the base game on some level) provided literally hundreds of hours of gameplay more than most other triple A titles that have the same retail price. Now I specifically say "gameplay" rather than "content" because there was a distinct lack of content during this period, but the gameplay was set up in a way (and not just an exploitative way) that fostered repetition in playing the content.

                If you had friends who logged in every Tuesday when the Nightfalls and Raids reset, and a few hours throughout the week to buy something from the weekend vendor Xur and play a few games of crucible or strikes, then the game provided hours of enjoyment. Playing with friends was key, and whether by design or accident, the repetition, barely there story and excellent gameplay created a perfect environment for you to catch up with friends and genuinely socialise while playing the game every week.

                So what really happened is that people who were still clinging to this idea of what Destiny "should" have been remained vitriolic and outraged (and overtime, flat-out wrong), while those who were happy to let go of those preconceptions and enjoy the game for what it actually was had a really great time with the experience.

                If you're doubting this, take a look at Overwatch, a game with not even a fraction of the content Destiny has, but a rabid fanbase that plays that content over and over and not even close to the amount of complaints about it - it's all about player expectations, and when it came to Destiny, the expectations were wrong.

                (I sure as hell downvoted your comment, because it was unsubstantiated, poorly researched and masquerading as objectivity when it was full of opinion, but I never downvote without explaining why.)

                "same soulless POS" it's amazing how three words can negate so much of what you say, you do know just because you don't like a game that doesn't mean it's bad or pos, it means it is just a game YOU don't like. Simple. All its faults may not all be theirs but a question of YOU expecting something else, not the game it actually is.

                I don't like everything, nor a lot of their choices over the last few years but at it's core it is exactly what I wanted and expected.

              *2+ years after launch*
              'I played the game at launch, and it's crap!'

                *Two years…. and $100+ worth of updates that made the base game worse.

                Unfortunately I’m not the kind of person who gives someone who sold me an underwhelming turd more money, particularly when they admit as much.

                I think you’ll find that the full retail price title I bought two years ago has less content that it did 2 months after launch.

                Last edited 31/03/17 3:18 pm

        Haha mate you're salty af, chill it's a game. Just relax take a breather and don't buy it if you're that sore over it

          Heh, I’m not really salty, I’m just giving it shit because it really was is a lazily conceived, exploitative game that really did pull in a legion of players who got comically addicted and, like most addicts they get irrationally defensive when you challenge them.

          I mean it’s a mechanically sound game, it’s addictive and it’s “fun” but I could say the same for slapping away all your money on the pokies. It’s still something that an objective person can look at and go “this is a f*cking rort”.

          It really is the closest thing to slapping your life away you can get from a AAA game. It’s so soulless they could literally pull the story out of the main game and replace it, it’s so ill-conceived that they repeatedly made changes that stole hundreds of hours from people…. Yet they still come back for more of the same; throw more money down for more of the same.

          I’m fully aware of how open to hypocrisy I am on this, I’ve played plenty of addictive games over the years (Diablo II begin a good example) - I just never played one where they kept charging for it and seemed to care so little in the first place.

        Your comments may be valid at Destiny's launch, but they sure aren't now. The game has improved immensely and for me is one of the best games I've played. I avoided the early feeling of being burned as I joined with The Taken King expansion when things were much improved however. Also, PVP in Destiny is fantastic I'm not sure if you've played it recently.

          My comments are valid because I paid full-retail price for Destiny and that’s the game I got.

          I’m sure it got better if I bought three games.

        Are you ok?
        Tell the nice policeman where the MMO touched you

          The bad-man in the Bungie shirt promised me MMO Halo if I came to his house and gave him $79. At first I was excited so I did it, but when I got close I saw that his house was just a lifeless façade with a pretty skybox.

          At that point I realised that something was wrong, that if I went any further in he’d probably imprison me and making me grind away on tedious tasks for empty rewards- threatening to take even those away if I didn’t continue to give him increments in excess of $50.

          So I ran- but some of the other children went inside and were trapped their until they’d given him at least $150. Some of them managed to escape, but many have stayed with the man- determined to get their $150 worth even if it takes them years of their lives.

          Now the man is apologised to the trapped children, and is telling them that he’s going to make an EVEN BETTER Halo MMO and that this time it’ll be great fun for everyone. All he wants is another $79.

        I just like playing games. When they are no longer fun I move on.

        You are complaining about the type of game it is, that's not the games fault but your own tastes.

    Why was the first not on PC? I really can't think of many non-Japanese multi-platform games that don't end up on PC.

      resource and competition maybe

      I mean D1 was bungie's first foray into an MMO, the PC MMO market is pretty crowded even if there's no shooter RPG mmo like D1

      has Bungie developed for PC before? I know Halo 1 was gearbox and Halo 2 was done by some MS team in house

        Marathon, Oni

          Myth, Myth2...

          Wow. Good memory. THOSE are from back in the day!

            Minotaur and Pathways into Darkness /Mac Cred

          Oni was awesome. Tho I hear it hasn't aged well.

          Last edited 31/03/17 1:05 pm

        Red Dead Redemption ?

        Not PC specifically, but Bungie were primarily a Mac development house until Microsoft bought them to secure Halo as an Xbox launch game.

        There's almost no-one left at the company from the pre-Halo days though, which is sad.

      Probably because this was the first time Bungie had built an entire game around gear and loot systems that can be easily exploited and they know the PC player base love to ruin things for themselves through cheats, hacks & mods.

      Probably took a while to develop safeguards for that.

      Further to other people's comments, Destiny 1 released on four platforms, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. It's only with the latest release Rise of Iron that Destiny is exclusive to Xbox One and PS4. Destiny 2 they have reduced the platform count from four to three and added another development studio, High Moon Studios, to help out with development.

    Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

    I always wanted to play Destiny but couldn't bring myself to do it on console due to my severe unco factor when attempting to aim with a's like every enemy is a matrix agent.

    I guess the only dealbreaker for me now is if they put the crosshair in the bottom third of the screen again :/

      I far and away prefer mouse and keyboard for FPS, but the controller wasnt too bad for Destiny.

    I was always super keen for Destiny but never bought a ps4 so I missed out, and now It's coming to PC I'm the happiest man alive!

    Wasn't sold on the first, but will see how the second holds up, and what they learnt from the first. If we still need to use an external app just to see what the heck is going on with the story then I'm out.

      Was the story important to the game or just an afterthought?

        It was gutted an re-written (in thread bare form) during the back 3rd of the development cycle.

          Better than Ingress. The story is made up as over time. 98% of people have NFI what is going on.

            In fairness Ingress is a free to play mobile game made by a small team, not a triple-A console FPS with a $500 million budget made by one of the longest-running development studios on the planet.

    The only baggage it had picked up is fickle gamers. Complaining about how a game doesn't have a story, when it just wasn't told in an easy to digest conventional way. Or complaining about the fact that games cost money and yes sometimes DLC aren't always worth the cost. Or complaining how it was the worse game ever or some such tosh, when in truth it is far more likely it's just a game THEY don't like. (IE that doesn't make it a crap game) Even after three years they still haven't 'built a bridge'.

    After 750 odd hours I am totally ready for 2, but not really for another years of the same old pettiness.

    Last edited 31/03/17 9:09 am

      100%. The game was/is still amazing. I've put the same time in as you, how many other games can you say that about?

      yes sometimes DLC aren't always worth the cost

      So you even list a perfectly valid reason, but still think the people complaining are fickle? M8...

      By the way, the DLC was nigh on required.

      Fickle gamers? Is it fickle to expect a decent story from the guys who created Halo? Is it fickle to expect a base game that didn't have content cut from it to create 2 DLC packages? Is it fickle to want a loot system in a game revolving around picking up the best loot that doesn't revolve around a bad RNG system, instead having a system that rewards player skill? Is it fickle not to want to grind the same handful of missions, fewer strikes and only one raid at a time to get up to date gear (until Rise of Iron finally made the first 2 raids relevant again)? Is it fickle to expect a game that was hyped to have continuous support for 10 years but in reality had large gaps in between content drops with minor events like sparrow racing or holiday 'quests' and is now being largely abandoned for the sequel?

      If you think the story was 'easy to digest', it's because there was no story and the backstory was put into cards that you had to read up on out of the game. Nothing about the story telling was good, it was a bad scifi story that has interesting aspects, that's to be expected when a script goes through revisions to cut down content and plotlines. Who's the stranger? No one knows because that plotline went nowhere for the last 3 years. What's the traveller? No one knows because that plotline went nowhere for the last 3 years. About the only development that has happened is Nathan Fillion became Cayde-6 (which was great fyi), but that was it so far as meaningful story telling went.

      People complaining that games cost money? I don't know where you get that from. People complained that destiny was overpriced because you paid up to twice the amount for a normal game to get Destiny and the first 2 expansions which as said above made up all the original content that was sliced and diced from the vanilla game, one actual DLC that was worth the money and then another DLC that was tacked on towards the end of the game because they needed something to put out there while Destiny 2 is still in development, but it's nowhere near worth 2/3 the price of a full game. No one complains about the price of a game, they complain about getting value for money from that game. People bought Destiny in droves because it was one of the first big 'next gen' games (despite being held back by the last gen tech). This time around Bungie don't have that luxury of no competiton in terms of games

      Yes there are people who hate on the game without being constructive about their criticism, but then there are also people who are seemingly blindly devoted to the game and want to stick their fingers in their ears and not want to hear any criticism either and that's just as bad for the game and the community. I've 'dealt' with both types of people, trust me, they're both as annoying as each other. I'm not saying you're like that (I don't know), but it's frustrating when you see anyone who criticises a game with justifiable criticism to be labelled as 'fickle'. Yes you could say 'play something else then', but the problem is that the gameplay is fantastic. It's frustrating to see a great core game let down by everything else around it. I want Destiny 2 to be everything Bungie will hype up about it (including the above criticisms), I just need proof of that before I'll make a decision on a purchase either way

    Cayde is the best, I'm sure he is happy to finally to be back in the field

    Love how it's coming to PC, and suddenly people are super positive. Prior, it was 'lol Destiny 2' *farting noises*

      oh I don't know, i was looking forward to hearing more about D2 coming to PC after The Division fail to live up to my expectations as a shooter RPG

        I reckon I'll partake. I played a heap of Destiny, and loved it. Got tired into Rise of Iron and haven't gone back. Ready to play again. Deciding on my platform of choice is my current dilemma though.

          I liked what I saw of D1, so assuming D2 doesn't stray too far from that I imagine I would enjoy D2

          I guess we'll see haha

    Not too sure I could get into Destiny 2, didn't play the first one because it wasn't on PC, really wanted to but I'm not buying a console just to play the first game. Great news though, we often get cut out of games that are released console only.

    If it's still basically an MMO, then I'm not interested. I'm of the ilk and era where a good single player campaign trumps running around with a bunch of idiots doing cookie cutter, by the numbers 'quests', with no real story or cutscenes to speak of. But hey, that's just me.

      Ah, the ol' single player shooter campaign, running around with a bunch of idiot NPCS doing cookie cutter, by the numbers 'quests', with D grade story and cutscenes.

      Sure sounds fun.

    If Fillion is going to be Cayde-6 I hope he gets more game time than Dinklage did.

      He's been Cayde since the beginning?

        You'd be forgiven for not realizing that if you only played the original release though I think, since he had about ten lines.

          I rolled Hunter, picked it the moment I did my first Hunter quest in the first hour of playing.

    I'm sort of half and half with this. I had a good time with Destiny, but my friends got bored quickly and gave up on it. Dunno if I wanna play by myself so will prob give it a miss.

    In terms of platform, i dont really mind where I play it. PC would be fine and so would x1. I just hate my ps4 controller, thats pretty much the reason it only gets turned on once every 4 or 5 months.

    The big question that no one's asking - cross play with PC?

    Because that would be amazing. Might be limited to co-op (PC players would destroy in PVP) but damn would that open up the player base even more.

      I think the reason nobodies asking is that nobody expects it. PvP would be unbalanced one way or the other, without some sort of platform compromise that would just piss people off.

      If they somehow manage to solve the mouse v controller discrepancy, the gaming world will truly rejoice, but until then its wishful thinking, or asking for trouble.

        Plus, PC players would have to choose whether they were playing with PSN players or XBL players, because they wouldn't be able to play with BOTH because that would mean PSN players playing with XBL players and the earth would open up and end the world.

          It would on the Sony side. Xbox/Azure is full cross-plat compatible. Sony just won't have a bar of it - and to be fair, as a commercial decision, I don't blame them. As a consumer though, it makes me less-than-happy.

            Its ironic that it used to be Sony pushing the cross platform mantra, and Xbox vetoing it, and now its the other way around.

            End of the day, its Sony v Microsoft, so political. One day we'll see those pigs wander past the 20th floor, but its not today.

            Both parties have been guilty of shying away from the possibility for commercial reasons in the past. Sony's been two-faced about it, suggesting that they're open to talking about it, but clearly once that talking starts happening, it's not good enough - for reasons they'll never divulge. With that in mind, I feel that Microsoft is fully aware they can promise to be as open to the concept as they like, knowing full well that their bluff will never be called.

          Apart from the obvious politics preventing such a thing from happening - I recall hearing from more than one developer that apparently XBL was a nightmare to work with. Mostly because it's so closed/proprietary or something. Apparently PSN/SEN was much easier to work with.

          Even if it was only PC/PSN xplay, that'd be amazing. Would really extend the longevity of the game I think, it'd be worthwhile if it's possible.

            From what I understand, PSN let devs use their own servers, which allows for cross-play (ie. Rocket League) whereas Xbox require devs to use the Azure service, and it's only just been patched to allow cross-play. Happy to be corrected.

            Long story short, PC/PSN and PC/Xbox instances are quite possible.

    Wow, this games a little early.
    After all... Destiny was destined to be a 10 year game. I see those plans changed.

      I have a sneaking suspicion they tried to have that retroactively be considered a 10yr franchise.

        From what I understood that was always the plan? I was never under the impression that it was about one game but about the entire franchise.

          I'm still convinced the original plan was for Destiny to be the new WOW.

            I don't think console games and the player-base really lends itself to that sort of longevity of a single game, but I'm sure they wouldn't have complained if it turned out that way.

      Ten year franchise, not a ten year game. Their plans (leaked in court documents around the lawsuit between Activision and the guys that left Infinity Ward) were originally a main game release every 2 years with an 'expansion' in the off year, but the game needed such an overhaul they pushed Destiny 2 out by a year to concentrate on it and did a second expansion instead.

    If this is your bag then I'm happy for you because based on this trailer alone the characterisation looks like a vast improvement over the original game.

    As for me the opportunity cost of getting sucked into that sweet repetitive gameplay vortex is too high for me!

    After playing it non-stop for an enjoyable week Destiny disappointed me (and most reviewers, to the personal cost of millions to Bungie devs) heavily, with the revelation that 'oh, that's all there is?', its shit-house story, initially-beautiful-but-pointlessly-empty gameworlds, tediously repetitive and drawn-out tasks, it's perverse bug priority patch philosophy ("Fun bug/exploit? Patch it immediately. Broken and frustrating? Enh, maybe down the track/never"), arrogant/in-denial dev communication, obstinate refusal to accept that it was an MMO-lite or should learn the lessons of MMO-lites in the industry while being an MMO-lite, and its heavy focus on a game style I don't like (PVP). Exhortations from the remaining stokholm-syndrome playerbase to try the latest expansions "because it got better!" fell utterly flat when only one or two of those points of criticism were even half-heartedly addressed by TTK.

    It strung me along with some incredibly solid shooting, then disappointed some more and generally hurt me bad. I'm especially salty about getting fucked out of my VIP entitlements and their coward-fuck excuse for 'support team' looking the other way in disrespectful silence any time the issue came up, as a sullen child's way of avoiding admitting that they were never going to fix it and they didn't have the bollocks to so much as acknowledge it ever again, let alone apologize. Those fucking gutless shits. Fuck Bungie, and fuck Destiny.

    Destiny 2? Even if it reviews as akin to getting a massage from a host of sexy angels, I'm going to be incredibly skeptical about picking it up even when it's on sale.

      Wow. And after ALL that you're only going to be sceptical when picking it up on sale?

      Damn. No way I'd be getting a sequel to a game I hated that much!

        A significant chunk of the hate is for the failure to deliver on a promise, and the failure to live up to potential. If the sequel DOES live up to its potential, then it'd be daft NOT to give it a shot purely out of spite for the original's failings.

          But.... you must hate it for all time, with the fire of a thousand suns for it's betrayal of your expectations! Sometimes I don't think you internet right, Transient.

            Well, it'll still have the fact that it's made by the arrogant, laurel-resting fuckheads at Bungie, with zero customer support, going against it... soooo that's something to hate, I guess?

              They actually made Halo, you know. *folds arms across chest*

                That's certainly the laurel that they're resting on, which I was referring to!

         I'm sure you know, I was just being flippant. It is a shame because Bungie let me down with Destiny in a big way as well. Given their general high caliber games, such as Halo, I thought they were going to nail it. It is worth reiterating the commonly held belief that Activision had a major hand in destroying the game studios creativity, however.

                Also, I loveloveloveloved Oni and Myth, as well as Halo, so Destiny was quite the rude surprise to me.

                  Bungie was my favorite developer growing up. I got into development at least partially because of their stuff, way back to stuff like Pathways Into Darkness and Minotaur. Destiny's problem wasn't that it was a mediocre game, it was that you see all that wasted potential. The world design, the hinted lore, the general aesthetic and everything was vintage Bungie. And that concept art... it all just made the disappointment that much more crushing.

                  Bloody oath, @negativezero... I had a Destiny app on my phone prior to launch which was nothing more than a series of concept art wallpapers.

                  Also, they were the opposite of contrite, which tanked my respect for them. Well and truly buried up their own smug asses out of some kind of narcissistic denial.

          You're a really complicated person man.

      I'm a little more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I need to see some gameplay and details about how they're fixing the issues of the first game. The Taken King seemed like a story improvement but it quickly hit the same issue - nearly impossible to solo, but zero matchmaking support or any real social support made it far too much effort to find friends to play with.

        Some kind of acknowledgement that there's actually something to fix would be a dramatic departure from their current party line.

          From what I've been told, the expansions were both significant improvements both on the original game and each other, but it seemed like a lot of the issues the game had were fundamental and couldn't be fixed without a do-over. I hope this is the do-over.

    I very quickly got bored of killing the same 3 bad guys again and again and again.

    With a bit of luck they'll put some work into the depth of the game. Then maybe I'll be interested.

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