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For the past week, Destiny fans have been furiously posting to message boards and making Reddit threads, venting, posting theories, and working out how best to focus their anger. They have been doing that for months, of course, but what's different now is that they're mad because the developers at Bungie want them to be. Cayde-6 is gonna die, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.


One of the highlights of Destiny 2's upcoming fall expansion is Gambit, a competitive PvE and PvP mode that asks two teams of four players to fight each other in a very different fashion. I played a few rounds of Gambit at an Activision event in Los Angeles and am pleased to say that it's very, very good.


I love the feeling of getting back into Destiny. No matter how long I'm away, picking it back up again is like slipping my hand into a well-worn baseball glove. After hundreds of hours exploring planets and killing everything in sight, things like the light double-click of the jump button to glide while sprinting as my Warlock feel both comforting familiar and still almost as good as the first time I did them.


After playing through Destiny 2's campaign and conquering the player versus player gauntlet Trials of the Nine, I thought I was done with the game.

The release of the Warmind DLC has given me a reason to return, and I'm finding it incredibly awkward to be a powerful Guardian who doesn't remember game basics like how to change her subclass.