Doctor Strange Really Is Like Iron Man

I didn't make the comparison initially because I was on a long-haul flight and was completely exhausted, but the parallels between Iron Man and Doctor Strange are pretty obvious now.

It's spelled out pretty clearly in the latest Honest Trailers, which even points out the similarities between Doctor Strange's watch (which has an engraving on the back) and the gift Pepper gives to Tony Stark.

I used to be excited for superhero movies. But this is kind of how it is now: constant repetition of the same overarching themes, with the heroes/protagonists/supporting characters/locations swapped out at will.

That said, Doctor Strange was visually enjoyable to watch, although it hasn't inspired me to read the comics one iota. Maybe I need to start getting into more anime again.


    This one was raved about when it came out. Recently got around to watching it and it was at Ant-Man levels of good - which was not so much.
    Am I the odd one out here?

      It's not my favourite marvel film, but it did alright when considering how they had to make the audience comfortable with the source material.

      But I actually really liked ant man.

        I liked Ant Man more than any of the other films, so if it was Ant Man good, then I would be stoked.

      I'd put it a little above Ant Man myself, maybe more around Thor level, but like most Origin stories it struggled to get everything needed into the movie. They spend too much time getting the hero up to speed, and the bad guys dont get enough development.

      It happens in nearly every Origin story, with (bizarrely) possibly the sole exception being Ed Norton's Hulk, which built on Eric Bana's version. That suffered for other reasons.

      I liked this for the same reason I liked Iron Man - I was able to switch off and be entertained. I'll add it to the collection, and be interested in seeing where it goes in sequels, but like most Origin stories (Iron Man probably the exception) its not in the Top 5 Marvel movies.

      Nope. With you 110%.
      Perfectly good cast, effects, storyline and action and yet very mediocre.

        Yeah, I couldn't find the fault with it*. It just fell really flat.

        And the super boner justice dude going full retard at the end? What?

        *Except for the car crash. It was too over the top, even for a fantasy movie. It just kept going and the dude would be dead 100 times over but of course you know he'll live because he's the main character.

        Last edited 01/03/17 11:05 am

    normally I like Honest Trailers but this one was extremely unfunny and quite frankly full of this modern 'im the cleverest person in the room, have you notice how X is like Y' narkyness. Pass. Thats even worse than sarcasm.

    its took itself way more serious, than the film took of itself. Its not often Honest Trailers misses the mark, but when they do the joke is always on them.

      Agreed. I prefer HT when they do older movies but they have to cater for the click bait world we're in so they scratch together hasty jokes to pump out a video ASAP.
      Though i did chuckle at the Ricky Bobby Hands at the end.

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