The Live-Action Death Note Movie Gets A Trailer

Netflix just showed off its trailer for the live-action adaptation of horror anime Death Note. Slated for release later this year, the film is directed by Adam Wingard.

Death Note

Here's the trailer:

Death Note is about a teenaged boy who mysteriously acquires a book that kills anyone whose name is written in it. Flush with power, the boy goes on a killing spree of criminals. Ryuk, the demon who dropped the book on Earth out of pure boredom, will be voiced by Willem Dafoe.

Only a few years after release, it's become a classic horror anime. Hopefully, the movie won't butcher the series.


    I've love some of Wingard's works. I didn't like his take on Blair Witch at all though so I hope he has more success with this adaption.

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    Outside of the Marvel works, most Netflix adaptations are trash. Most of them miss the feel of the source material or miss the mark so bad that it's just "show in name only". As for the movies... ugh 100% trash

    This looks way too action packed to be Death Note.

      Agreed, Death note is all about mind games, psychology and manipulation. This just looks wrong.

      I'm hoping its just an attempt to grab the attention of non-fans initially.

    Oh well, at least Wingard can rip off the Japanese films just like the Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royale, just like Old Boy ripped off Old Boy, just like The Lake House ripped off Il Mare... etc.

    Mmm... makes me want to watch Battle Royale again.

    Let's hope he takes a potato chip....................AND EATS IT!!!!!

      I'm looking forward to the mad and dramatic swiping of a pen across the page resulting in a neatly written name.

    Whilst I am intrigued to see this, there is already an amazing live-action adaption made in Japan that is IMO in some ways better than the anime because it never introduced Mello & Near.

    The only thing that seems good about this so far is Willem Dafoe being cast as Ryuk.

    Nope. Nope. Nope.
    That looks SO REVOLTINGLY BAD.

    America really needs to learn to just keep vomiting up their own garbage and stop fucking up decent stories with their ugly "teenagers" who look to be pushing 40.

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