Game Of Thrones, Meet Skyrim

Image: Youtube (u/Kualan Modding)

Skyrim is already a perfect video game fantasy to replicate the shenanigans of Westeros, so why not go one step further and recreate the world entirely?

Old mate Bolton Ramsay here is part of the Game of Thrones Adaptation, which creator Kualan is developing for Skyrim and last year's Special Edition. It's been in beta testing since last November, and aims to include pretty much "every character you would want to meet in the Seven Kingdoms".

There have been plenty of GoT themed additions, models, bits of armour and houses added to Skyrim in the past. But there's not that many total conversions or story-driven GoT mods, which is where Kualan's work comes in handy.

New places are being carved out for the main characters, but in some instances NPCs will have their roles replaced by the kings and queens of Westeros (with Tywin Lannister taking over from General Tullius, for instance). Kualan also confirmed that the three main storyline dragons in Skyrim will be replaced by the three dragons of Daenerys Targaryen, and players will be able to recruit more than 50 NPCs to help you on the way to the Iron Throne.

You can dive through some threads and learn more bits and pieces about the GoT mod here, but if you'd rather see it in action, the trailer is below.

It's worth remembering at this moment that Bethesda actually turned down an offer from HBO to make a licensed Game of Thrones game. It's funny how things work out in the end, isn't it?


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