Not Sure About This Fullmetal Alchemist Movie

[GIF via Warner Bros. Japan]

So Japan is making a live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie. Last year, a short teaser hit, and now, we have the first official trailers. Yes, trailers. Plural.

First up, here's one with subtitles. 

And another one, with some different footage.

Not sure what to make of them! Think this is going to be any good?


    Was going to say this looks awesome for a fan movie, then read a little more chuckled.

    So, Scarjo playing The Major was nearly an international SJW incident, but we're all going to sit back and pretend that not the worst looking blonde hair ever?

      Been thinking the same thing ever since the first teaser.
      No. Scratch that. Ever since the live-action Attack on Titan.

      Since it's an Asian person playing a European character in a film made by Japanese people that adapts a Japanese property? Probably not. Even though it should create some outrage in the hypocrisy of it all.

      I wonder how easy would it be to find that many caucasian actors in Japan, that speak fluent Japanese to accurately depict the whole Amestris. With Ghost in Shell (which bombed) it was only Scarlett Johansson that didn't quite fit.

      Yea seems like the Japanese haven't got costume design down pat as of yet. Even his oversized Mario gloves make me cringe.

    Now will this be so bad its good or just bad.

    Tom cruise's Edge of Tomorrow is by default the best live action manga / anime adaptation ever made...

      Honestly have to agree here.

      That said, the live action Kenshin movies were pretty great too!

        Don't forget the Death Note movies.

          I forgot the Death Note movies or the mini-series, not memorable compared to the Anime, they try to mix up the story and but add all the elements together in their places and it just doesn't work.

          Not a fan of the Japanese live-action death note movies... :(

      In a way... thing is that apart from the core concept, it ditches almost everything from the original light novel. Which might actually be a good thing, considering that there probably wasn't quite enough content in the light novel to make a full movie and the end result was much more accessible to many more people, but it's hard to say it's one of the best live action adaptions when it basically leaves behind most of the source material. The movie, while great, no longer resembled the source material at all

    I'm ok with all these live action movies because I watch them with the same expectations I'd have for "Sharknado". Never disappointed.

    I feel like with last names like Elric, I find it hard for this movie to pass them off as Japanese Characters.

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