Thanks For The Shoutout, Prey

Next Friday, Arkane Austin will release their newest game, Prey, closing the loop on a minor four-year meta-story involving that studio and me. It's only fitting that one of Prey's achievements is a shoutout to Press Sneak Fucks.

Some context: In May 2013, I reported that publisher Bethesda had tasked Arkane Austin (Dishonored) with developing a reboot of the ill-fated Prey 2. Shortly afterwards, Arkane creative director Raphael Colantonio sent out a rowdy email:

When Arkane announced their rebooted version of Prey last year (after at first denying that they were making it), Colantonio wore a T-shirt that I sadly was not able to get my hands on:

And now Prey has this achievement:

Bethesda still doesn't acknowledge our existence, but here's the blunt truth I'd offer Colantonio if they let me sit down with him for an interview: I think Arkane is full of talented people, I can't wait to play their game, and I appreciate that they have a sense of humour about all this.


    I love and respect Jason's work, but geez let it go mate :D

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