The Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul's Debut Trailer 

[Image: Natalie]

This summer, manga Tokyo Ghoul is getting a live-action film. And here is its 30-second debut trailer.

Tokyo Ghoul began its maiden manga run in 2011, following the adventures of the flesh-eating "ghouls" that live among us. It has since been spun off into anime and video games.

As Natalie points out, Tokyo Ghoul opens in Japan on July 29. 


    Striking that hard balance between Hollywood quality effects and being seemingly loyal to the source material has never seemed so difficult. Most Japanese attempts at adaptions are just as horrendous as Hollywood attempts; this one like most does not fill me with confidence.

    Considering Tokyo Ghoul was for me the biggest waste of time (pacing was god awful) and mediocre at best of an anime that season, I can only sigh that they're doing a live action adaptation.

    Tokyo Ghoul, the only story brave enough to ask the question "what if vampires, instead of having to drink blood, had to eat flesh and were called ghouls?"

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